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Check out this post on the OSU blog site: In 2010 tOSU football team will have to play with 11 guys on the field, not 12. I'm pretty sure Terry Porter won't be calling the shots in this game.biggrin
Sorry for the double post.
Hi Folks, Look at this OSU blog. Look what they are saying about the 'Canes!
Hi Folks, Good evening! Take a look at what the Suckeyes are saying about UM.
I guarantee that if the Canes were playing in the NC game and make those hand signs after TD's we would get penalized and the ESPN commentators would be ripping us!
Brin Griese cheers.... for the field goal! Not only are the officials helping the Tarheels, but Brian Griese is their cheerleader! Pathetic!
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2009 on Game Day Blog: Miami vs North Carolina at Canespace
Griese is such a biased bastard!
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2009 on Game Day Blog: Miami vs North Carolina at Canespace
Great clock management, Randy!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2009 on Game Day Blog: Miami vs North Carolina at Canespace
Capt O, You just said the team is emotionally spent after the first half of the season. This IS coaching!!! WHo is the coaching coming from? RANDY! he is a great man and an excellent DC, but stinks as a head coach. Your being in denial wont change the facts! I cannot take these damn losses anymore.
Canezitis, don't hold your breath! Randy never accepts responsibility. He will throw these kids under the bus. He may even say the rain bothered the kids. But his head coaching? NEVER!
Capt Opt, What is the reason we stink like this? We have the talent. Why don't you just stop making excuses for Randy? This is Wake! They lost to Navy last week. They are beating us up everywhere. I am sorry, but the head coach needs to take his blame.
The feeling I have about this time is like I had last year. No confidence in them at all. I used to see us in 3rd and long and KNOW we would make it. Now the opposite. I know the other team will make their 3dr and long.
I am sick! Miami knows just how to screw up my damn week! We are being dominated-again. I wonder if Randy realizes this is ALL him. The fish rots from the head down. Time to admit he cannot coach up a team. I am so disgusted.
Every QB looks like PAyton Manning against us! We need to butch up!
3rd and 15, 3rd and 9- and they make it! Remind you of last week against Clemson? Maybe we are not as good as we think!
I have noticed that Miami makes all teams look good. This makes me freeking nauseous! What the hell is our problem?
The coaching staff failed miserably to get these guys up for this game! It falls on the Head Coach, AGAIN!!!
I hope that this does not affect our recruiting! I am not taking this loss very well.
Once again, Randy blames everyone else! He needs to have the damn courage and decency to admit he and his coaching staff blew it. I know the players screwed up almost across the board, but no one can convince me that the coaches are not to blame for the loss. I have no respect for anyone who never admits responsibility.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2009 on How Miami Gets To The BCS Title Game at Canespace
I was at the game and now feel nauseous! Although some of our present players are not quite "there" yet, we could still have won the game. The coaching decisions definitely lost the game for us! Why doesn't Lovett blitz. what happened to aggressive Whipple? whip acted like a coward who has no confidence in his QB and receivers. Where the heck was our top notch WR corp? And the tight ends? What are these coaches thinking? The coaches don't play the game, but they bloody well lost it for us- including Shannon! They blew this game and I hope they know it. I am so pissed now.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2009 on How Miami Gets To The BCS Title Game at Canespace
Truth, I am in agreement with you concerning Unbearable. It has been disappointing seeing all his negativity and attacks on RS. I too am convinced that the underlying basis for this has something to do with a black man being the Head Coach! I know he will deny it, but we all know he would not be honest in his denial. Anyway, on a positive note. I attended the game with my son and two friends. I think that this game rivals the best UM game I had seen- the UM -FSU game where Dorsey passed to Shockey for a come from behind win. I love the 'Canes. I have been a fan since 1985 when I attended school in DC. One of my classmates was a UM alumnus, and he introduced me to college football. I want to congratulate the players and coaches and coordinators. We are all so proud of you. Mohammed Ali said it takes a real champion to get up from a knock down and win the fight. Ypu all are real champions. Peace, CaribCane.
Truth, What do you think will happen with the OU game? I am very optimistic that we will learn really fast from this loss and bounce back with a vengeance. Also, did it seem to you that we gave up the gme with about 10 minutes left to play? Seemed to me that we decided the game was lost? Thanks for your input!
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2009 on When The Levee Breaks at Canespace
We came out flat! Nothing went right for us! We played awful. Jg's dropped catches hurt a lot, but the DL and OL played badly. Our WR's were dropping catches. JH wasn't as good as usual. Enough blame to go around. We need to go home,watch film and learn from this embarrassing beat down. We still have to play a lot of other games and must not go through this again! VT deserve to win. I am so damn nauseous now. I hate when the 'Canes lose.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2009 on The Short List: Week 4 at Canespace
Enjoying your show, Six!
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2009 on The Bourne Ultimatum at Canespace