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Carla H.
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Pick me, pick me!! I'm a redhead and stripes are just perfect for me!
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2010 on cardigan giveaway at frolic!
Oh, I was so thrilled to see you replied my comment. It was one of the first comments i ever left on blogs...and the first reply! You are absolutely right, Belgium is great! I lived some years in Africa so I know how sweet home is. But being abroad for some time opens up your life so much and the nature in NZ is stunning and the people seem so one of a kind... So one bright day I want to come and see your country for myself. Do you have a far away place you would like to go and visit one day e.g. before you turn 40 :-)? take care, Carla To:
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2010 on a birthday giveaway at tiny happy
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Dear tiny happy, Happy BD! 30 is great and only theoretically grown up, you can still be a girl. I know because i turned 40 this year and i'm still a girl! I'm Carla, living in Belgium with my 2 lovely girls. At the moment i'm knitting a wide scarf in a lovely blueish angora-like wool with super thick needles. It looks like an ocean! I started a basic sewing course too in sept. Soon i will be able to try your tutorials. And every time you show your embroidery I think i should try that too... A few times a week i read your blog and it always makes me a tiny bit more happy! Thanks for that! PS: you wanna know my secret? One day i wanna live in NZ. take care, Carla
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Oct 15, 2010