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Carl Armbruster
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Well gee whiz Pheelyp, you are right - I never thought of it that way. Heck, the church is made of sinners who are on a journey to improve. Sure they sold indulgences but they changed from within. Sure they condoned slavery (the bible sure does) but they change from within. Burned few witches in their day? Sure, but who hasn't? Yes, they sided with Nazi Germany, but heck, we all make mistakes. I mean who among us hasn't raped a child or two? Your continued support of this revolting institution is absolutely disgusting. As a boy of 8 years old my dad was beating the backs of my hands with a wooden cooking spoon. I prayed to god for it to end. The spoon broke and I silently thanked god. My dad reached into the drawer and got out a metal cooking spoon and started right back up. Guess I just didn't pray hard enough - my fault. You can't take your Jesus and your sick, twisted god cause I sure don't need them.
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Nov 13, 2011