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What a beautiful picture of your Grandma! I believe that picture could be used in the dictionary under JOY! Take care my dear friend. -c-
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2011 on Sunsets... at Digital Scrapbooking 101
Once again you've hit the nail on the head! I was just looking at some pictures friends had taken of me at our conference in DC thinking UGH! I need to loose some serious weight. But when I think back to the time, we had so much fun together and learned so many things. While yes I do need to loose the weight, maybe I do need to scrap those photos after all. -c-
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Jun 25, 2011
I found the coolest thing and wanted to share but wasn't quite sure which post to share it on. I'm still working on tagging all of my scrapping supplies and keep running into "white" things; e.i. overlays, word art. Since there is no way to change the white thumbnail background, I came up with a nifty trick. I open the white item in Photoshop then add a plain background layer. I save this as a layered TIFF file and reimport to LR. VOILA! Now I can see all of my overlays and word art without changing the original colors. Now for the question, is there a way to batch process these files to automatically add a black background layer and then save as a layered TIFF? Thank you again for this GREAT class Kayla!!! -c-
Hi Kayla I have a why question. If everything is getting tagged with minimum designer name and kit name, why do you move the items into big individual designer folders? Why not put everything into one BIG digiscrap folder? I know this system is highly personalized but I'm curious if there is some technical logic behind it. It seems if everything is tagged, separate folders on the hard drive wouldn't be necessary. Thank You! -c-
Ooooo I found something that really helps me speed up some of my tagging and wanted to share. I found myself getting bogged down with colors. I'm pretty picky and was trying to tag each paper and element for all of the colors used but it was taking so long and trying to figure out which point to stop was a real challenge. Now for the tip, I shrunk my thumbnails down to get 9 across and saw that the base colors really POPPED! I have my color keyword list open right next to my library and go right down the color list, tagging each of the main colors. Then I finish up with the tagging details for the papers and elements by blowing up each item starting at the top and working my way down. I can spot check the colors while adding the rest of the tags. It's probably cut off about 25% of my tagging time and I don't have to stress over where to stop with the colors. Hope this helps someone else! -c-
OH YIPPEE!!! (That's me doing the happy dance!) I knew there had to be a way AND if there was you'd know how to do it! Thanks for the great explanation. I'm off to rename... -c-
Well OH POOH! again. I found a designer folder that has 609 items in it BUT the designer keyword has 611 items. Is there any way to find what those two items are? I haven't finished keywording everything and I did try clicking on each designer folder to see what designer keywords were checked but nothing had two designers. hmmmm -c-
WOO HOO!!! You so totally R-O-C-K!!! -c-
Hi Kayla - I've run into an UGH! while importing & would like to know if there's a LR solution. When moving my keyworded kits into the main designer folders occasionally I run into the "same" name issue for some kit items (not every item in a kit but maybe one or two elements). No worries, I pull back the entire kit and rename using the folder name as part of the file name, then move it to the main designer folder. No problem... until I realized the UGH! During the conversion process from .png to .tif, those items are put into a folder named TIFF instead the kit folder. Last night I discovered that those items when using the rename process, are renamed with TIFF as the folder name instead of the kit folder name. So, now the items are keyworded however, the manic side of me says WELL POOH! I have elements that have TIFF as part of the file name instead of the kit name. So I know how I can fix this in Bridge or Finder but if I fix it there how do I get the new file names into LR. Or is there a way to fix this in LR similar to how you'd do it in Bridge? My concern is that if I fix things outside LR, I won't get all of the new names imported and end up with missing stuff that I don't know is missing. LOL Or do I just buck up & get over it already???? UGH! I think I woke up HYPER! Thank you for your help!!!! Have a FAB weekend! -c-
Hi Kayla - you kind of answered my question but just to be sure, how would you handle embellishment kits or background paper packs? These aren't add-ons so they don't have a kit to file into. Would I treat them like kits by keywording with the pack name then dump it into the designer folder? Thank you again for you help!
Hi Candy - This is how I did it on my Mac. In Finder, navigate to the file and click "Get Info", then uncheck the "Locked" box in the General part of the popup (it's the top portion of the popup). You'll need to do this for each file listed in LR. When you're done just do another import with the same options as you used for the first one. If you use Windows, let me know which version and I'll see if I can figure it out on my hubby's laptop. HTH -c-
Ok I got my initial import done. I did notice that I got a list of some files that could not be imported. They were jpg's & I couldn't find anything wrong with them. Digging in, I found they were in "read only" or locked. I edited the properties on each, unchecked the locked box, reimported & everything worked fine. I thought I'd post this just in case anyone has the same thing happen.
Hi Kayla - house chores are finally done, I'm finishing up on dinner fixings (meatloaf & mashed potatoes), then it's ME time! I'm soooo looking forward to sitting down with a nice hot cup of decaf, my head phones and you! ;-) Tonight is my night to play! Tomorrow is church and more playtime. WOO HOO!!!!! Take Care! -c-
Any chance of making the videos available for downloads??? My high speed connection isn't quite so high speed.. Thank You! -c-
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2011 on Clarifying the Process at Digital Scrapbooking 101
Hi Kayla - I have 1 BIG digiscrap folder with nested folders for kits, elements & so on. There are also some folders I don't want to import. It's a bit more work but can I do multiple imports and grab just the folders I want 1 at a time or should I move the other folders out and import just the main folder? Hope this makes sense. Thank you so very much for this class!!!!! -c-
Oh I'm sooooo ready for this class! My LR arrived today, I'm backed up and have reference books (The DAM Book & The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 book by Kelby) at hand and ready to go. The only thing left is to look at my inspiration for scrapping. Now that one's tough for me! See you in class! -c-
Take care my friend! Lots of chicken soup - I don't know if it helps but it's pretty tasty! :-D -c-
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2011 on It's a Very Good Thing at Digital Scrapbooking 101
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Feb 17, 2011