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I'd MUCH rather see the Phils make a run at acquiring Mike Trout. Harper is a stud, but he doesn't seem like the natural world-beater Trout can be. I know there is always risk of 'home town kids' falling flat, but Trout could end up in the G.O.A.T conversation when he's finished. Harper will be on the list of all time hitters, but not a Top Ten PLAYER.
Why are we trying so hard to force them to find a spot for a .260 hitter with minimal pop and no speed? Who cares if Asche can play 2nd? The bigger question is how will he be selling insurance?
OK, a few points here.... 1- Utley leading off is fine if you can convince J-it's all about me-Roll to bat 2nd. 2- Just because 'Ruin Tomorrow' SAYS Byrd has power doesn't make it so. Two 20 HR seasons, with a career avg of less than NINE per year means otherwise. 3- Howard HAS to bat 4th, and if he isn't deserving, that means the order as a whole is meaningless. 4- This whole discussion pretty much proves Amaro has left me HOPELESS for 2014. UGH.
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Jan 11, 2014