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F360 BETTER than Onshape; UI, T-Splines, CAM, Simulation, Rendering, Modeling, Sharing, Speed, Support, Attitude
As a Certified SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Administrator, I feel that Onshape has this important advantage regarding PDM/PLM. There is only one file(Onshape Document) of a design period.That simplifies the requirement that one has to demonstrate and prove that non-authorized changes can be made the the Document. Onshape requires that the owner of the Document has to grant permissions for others to edit/Revise the Document and this is easily proven. Also Onshape automatically Saves all changes/Edits to the Document as shown in the Feature Tree. So, many of the important requirements for real PDM/PLM are already in place when using Onshape. I predict that a proper Onshape PDM/PLM workflow will be available soon. Cheers, Devon Sowell
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2015 on Seven flaws in Onshape today at WorldCAD Access
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Mar 29, 2015