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From my perspective; major labels and publishers have somewhat been bullied by a show of power due to apple's previous example of selling digital music. Right now it appears that Apple just made $150m with the change of protocol and branding in their already existing service. Has anyone been paying attention to the wireless infrastructure that Apple depends on to deliver this music? The Wireless Cellphone carriers are all switching to prorated data usage plans. This will not only weight in heavy on consumers pockets, but will seriously limit Apple's proclaimed potential of iCloud. Now Apple can sell a bunch of music for $24.99 a year to all bootleggers. . . .and lets face it. 24.99 x the amount of bootleggers = Gold Mind. This was never about syncing or replacing music. Its been about getting more market and money. A market and money that music publishers choose to ignore. Numero Dodged a Bullet, but their statements showed that it was by luck.
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Jun 27, 2011