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Hallelujah! Marketers and salespeople should take note. I regularly receive very similar communications...but the ones that REALLY kill me are the sales pitch emails/calls that come in even though the company I work for is ALREADY A CUSTOMER! And yes, this was from a company where the marketing team "gets it."
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My husband's business phone rang at about 7 this morning--a sales call from someone in Cincinnati who didn't notice he was on the west coast. My reaction: "You gave them your REAL phone number?" It never occurred to my sweet, honest husband to lie, but it will now ;) Maybe the best piece on the "to gate or not to gate" decision I've ever read. Thanks Ardath!
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Thanks much for the great report. The follow-up survey on expanded set of content types was especially relevant. I do have a question on the decline in use of white papers, case studies and brochures/data sheets in the pre-sales phase. It makes intuitive sense to me that it could be attributed to increased reliance on those other types (web content, social media, blog posts, etc.) for that stage of the buyers' research. Was that covered at all in the follow-up survey? Also, I'm now officially on the hunt for examples of PDFs with embedded video and audio! Thanks again.
Sounds so simple, but this seems to be a real stumbling block for a lot of companies: "...content should be designed to answer prospect and customer questions in relation to problems they're trying to solve." Another great post!
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Thanks Ardath. You've reconfirmed for me how much I WISH I could attend CMW! It looks like an incredible event.
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Very insightful, as always, Ardath. Combining inbound and outbound tactics is a like baking a cake. Flour and sugar and chocolate are all perfectly fine ingredients, but (with the possible exception of chocolate) they're much better when mixed together in the right way.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Inbound Needs Outbound at Marketing Interactions
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Jun 21, 2011