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PowerPoint became the de rigeur presentation for the generals over 15 years ago. The generals and admirals didn't want to deal with the details, so they mandated time and time again that all presentations were to be in PowerPoint so that they (the generals, admirals and bureaucrats) would feel good and secure in knowing what they think they need to know, rather than what they SHOULD KNOW. Again, the military became a victim of its own short-minded and gutless leadership. Darn, I'm glad I got out when I did!!!!
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This is another dirty secret of Islam: young boys get raped in Islamic countries and it is a very taboo subject to speak. Young girls get raped too (usually by male relatives) and the women will not report it because the requisite FOUR MALE WITNESSES are never there. (Moe the So-Called 'Prophet' short-circuited that) It doesn't just happen in Afghanistan: it happens in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, too.
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Roger Charles, LtCol, USMC (Ret.) worked for ABC news just after the OKC bombing. He found solid proof that Terry Nichols had contact with Ramzi Yusef, al-Qaeda bomb-maker extraordinaire. McVeigh had links with a neo-Nazi group funded by a spoiled rich girl whose last name was Howe. I knew her brother in the Air Force. Roger Charles and his partner were ready to go on 20/20 with the story and ABC News spiked it at the last minute under pressure from the Clinton Administration. Roger protested and was fired by ABC News. Roger got the story published in Soldier of Fortune not long after that... but unfortunately SOF is not mainstream. Bill Clinton... what a loser... he's there with Carter and Obama.
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Achilles: I'm glad you mentioned the Oath for military personnel. The oath given to enlisted personnel is not the same one I took in 1978. It has been changed, but I can't find out when. The new oath for enlisted personnel has the provision for defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, just like the one I took in 1978. However, today's oath includes, "...and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and all officers appointed over me...." Isn't that special???
Not only is the Usurper Occupant of the White House Barry Soetero aka Barack Hussein Obama II going to knock off our nuclear arsenal while at the same time giving what nuclear assets we have left some very untenable Rules of Engagement, he's going to leave us wide open for a major terrorist and/or rogue nation (Iran, North Korea, etc.,) attack.... once that attack happens, BHO will do the Third World Dictator Martial Law routine, attempt to implement Executive Orders 10995 to 11950, and make himself the New Stalin. He will try to take our guns (hell, he's already screwed the pooch on health care, thank to the traitors in Congress) and he'll have the FEMA camps ready.
I'm afraid the job market is bad enough for people to put up with abusive legislators. There are those who want their resume stamped that they worked for Congressman Blowhard and Senator GayBoy that they'll do anything to get a good recommendation, even take it up the wazoo. Washington DC is a hoe-house and as long as the guv'mint is there, so will the suck-ups.
It's amazing how Barack Hussein Obama II can snub Netanyahu, but boy, will he snub a fellow Mohamedan?? Nooooo. Never. He went to a white-hating organization that masquerades as a church... but it's not a church. It's a fake church. Nancy Pelosi certified to the Federal Election Commission that Barack Hussein Obama II was legally able to be the president of the United States. She's as complicit as he is. UGH. The American voters have really screwed up by electing this POS to be the usurper POTUS.
Only TEN Virginia legislators (all Republicans) had the testicular fortitude (namely, the cojones) to walk out when this Imam of Hate entered to "pray" (I use this term very loosely). That's better than none, but, the predecessors of the present Commonwealth of Virginia Legislature must be spinning in their graves.
slice wrote, "Sick, very sick. Maybe The One is really trying for Civil War." I can assure you, you're spot on. There are people in law enforcement at the federal level who are very concerned about this. They see the government encroaching more and more on people and they see a backlash coming. I, for one, am very tired of all the regulatory nonsense the federal, state and local governments are putting on all of us. Much of this so-called "regulation" is NOT authorized by any Constitution at the federal or state levels.
The Illegal President Barack Hussein Obama II is aggravating everyone he can so that once either Congress or the Supreme Court rule against the Anoited One, The-One-who-can-do-no-wrong-in-the-eyes-of-the-oppressed will declare Martial Law once his National Civilian Security Force is up and running... in fact, there are more government civilians who are authorized to be armed than ever before. This guy is going to get either a crisis because of his lowering and hampering of national security or an artificially contrived crisis (Wag the Dog, eat your heart out, baby!) and he will implement the Executive Orders that enable him to do a full Martial Law sweep of the nation. See Executive Orders 10995-11115, and the ones that Clinton and Obama have signed if you don't believe me. If the Supreme Court ever hears a Birth Certificate case and rules against Obama, rest assured those Democrat pansy-asses in Congress will go along with whatever Obama wants. After all, most of the Democrats are Marxists, too.
PROBLEM: We have a man occupying the Oval Office in the White House who is: 1. NOT a natural born American citizen and therefore illegally the president. 2. a Marxist, so by his very nature one who hates America. 3. a Muslim, so by his very nature one who hates America. 4. a liar of such magnitude that he makes Richard Nixon look like an amateur. 5. is actively working, along with the Marxists in Congress to undermine the US Constitution. 6. is waiting for the opportunity to declare Martial Law and take over as dictator of the United States.
Stefcho: Thank you for the GREAT LAUGH!!! So true, so true!!! The Muzzies can take their little Sharia, stuff it with pork, turn it sideways and shove it straight up their FAKE PROPHET'S CANDY-ASS!!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2010 on We've got mail! at Atlas Shrugs
Richard, you took the words right out of my mouth. Islam is an ARAB Fascist ideology, after all, why do imams and mullahs INSIST THAT ALL PRAYERS IN THE MOSQUE BE IN ARABIC???? Before the present state of Israel came into existence in 1948, the Muslims were all busy trying to kill each other and be the top dog. Arab Muslims look down their noses at Iranians because they're Shia and Persian, not Arab. They also look down their noses at the Asian Muslims and others..... oh, yeah, Turkey's going to run the show, yeah, right... However, this could be a good thing: Turkey tries to run the show, the Arabs tell them to shove it, Syria and Iraq (with support from the Saudis) invade Turkey and Israel gets a breather. Hey, this could be a good thing!!!!!
I REFUSE TO BE A DHIMMI. I refuse to buckle under to the idiots in our goverment who think, by kissing Muslim asses and placating these perverts, that Muslims will like us and leave us alone. This world is full of too many politically-correct fools who want a nanny-state government. I say to them, "Grow a pair of balls and be real AMERICANS!!! I'm sick of our guv'mint kow-towing to CAIR, ISNA and MSA.
Usurper "President" Barack HUSSEIN Obama II, will never be an American. He's part of the coat-and-tie radical elite, in the best mold of Saul Alinsky, along with the Bisexual Queen Beyotch of the Universe Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is also part of the Hate America First crowd, along with Ayers, Axelrod, Emmanuel, and the rest of the White House Chicago Mafia.... Obama hates America, and the shallow, so very shallow American voters who fell for his garbage.... they know now what they have done.
This man's words proved what I've known for years: the "god" that the Muslims worship is not the same G-d that Jews and Christians have worshipped. A direct refutation of the Koran. Mr. Hassan's in a lot of trouble.
So there you have it: a former Muslim tells the world that moderate Islam does not exist. I've known it, many free thinkers have known it, but George W. Bush and his neo-cons didn't know it, and Barack Hussein Obama II does not want you to know it, and the PC crowds (especially those scholarly whores John Esposito and Karen Armstrong) don't want you to know it. My gosh, Fox and Hannity didn't edit that statement out?? Un-stinkin'-believable!!!!
I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner. Turkey, in the last 80 years has been a secular republic in name only. As far back as 30 years ago, Syriac Orthodox Christians have been systematically harassed, debased, humiliated and outright murdered... and it still goes on today. The Syriac Orthodox have some of the oldest monasteries and churches still going today... some going to the 4th Century AD. About 20 years ago the Turkish Parliament passed a law making it illegal to teach any other language in grade school other than Turkish. So, the Syriacs who sent their children to Church Schools to learn Syriac can no longer do so. Greek Orthodox Christians and Catholics in Istanbul and Ankara are constantly harrased by police and soldiers. In fact, all churches, mosques and synagogues in Turkey have to give the money from their collection plates directly to the government for a general fund. When a house of worship needs money to repair their buildings, they have to put in requests to the government for money. Of course, mosques get money right away. But churches and synagogues have to keep requesting over and over sometimes for years.
Methinks Moe Kadahfy's been hittin' the hash pipe too hard again. Moe, Moe, listen man, don't put crack in yer hooka!!! You'll really mess yerself up!!!
There are black nationalists all over the world. One of them lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. The fact that a jihadist is inciting black nationalists in South Africa has a ring of irony in it. After all, it was BLACK MUSLIMS who sold blacks into slavery after defeating their fellow Africans in war. If anyone wants to see how screwed up black nationalism is, just look at Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia. Farms owned by whites were seized and given to black war veterans who haven't done squat to keep the farms going and people are starving in Zimbabwe. My cousin was over in South Africa a couple of years ago on business. She was in Pretoria and one other city. Since she's white, she was told not to leave her hotel or the place she was working without at least three big white guys along with her. Makes you wonder.
Every Muslim I know says Obama is a Muslim, and no one knows Muslims like other Muslims. Let's take it a step further: the Trinity United Church of Christ under the (Un)Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright, is NOT part of the United Churches of Christ nor the Disciples of Christ churches. The TUCC is its own entity. It is an anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-American organization masquerading as a church. When BHO was in Cairo giving his speech sucking up to the Muslims, he had the pronunciations down with a full Arabic accent on Islamic principles and prayers. He could not have done that unless he's said those things hundreds of times. Lastly, BHO moving the KSM trial to NYC ensures the guv'mint will lose the case and KSM will go free. BHO's looking out for his fellow Muslim. Now that I've said all this, the feds will be knocking on my door.
Obama would not know the truth if it kicked him in the cajones. Barack Hussein Obama II, Usurper President of the United States, born in Kenya, and illegally elected president, is a closet Marxist (look how he's screwing free enterprise with the complicity of the Marxist-Democrats in Congress) and a closet Muslim (dedicated to overthrowing the Constitution of the United States). In Marxism, one must lie to advance the cause, in Islam, one must practice taqqiya, that is, the practice of deceit to advance Islam.
Here's the part that SCREAMS out to me: WHO did he buy those stolen guns from?? Who's his suppliers?? The ASSHOLES at BATFE are MORE than just willing to shut down legally operated, above-the-board gun shops for just paperwork errors, but where's BATFE in all this?? This Woodson joker certainly didn't buy those guns at an FFL dealer, and he certainly didn't buy the grenade launcher there.... This jerkwad should be getting cattle-prodded until he talks about where he illegally obtained this stuff!!!
Hi Laura, I didn't want to argue with you... I've seen those .50cal conversions for AR-lowers. That's what makes the M-16/AR-15 platform have more accessories than any other gun in history!!! There are more conversions from .50cal all the way down to .17HMR for an AR-15 lower. No other gun has this many conversions that I know of. It's ironic because the M-16 got off to such a rough start, thanks to that arrogant bastard Robert McNamara and his so-called "whiz kids". Colt's marketing department and McNamara cost a lot of GIs their lives because of their collective know-it-all crap!!! No way the feds would have caught this joker... big time kudos to the local police who nailed this Muslim POS.
".308-caliber semi-automatic assault rifle with a defaced serial number" "Branchburg Patrolman Steven Cronce noticed a large bulge beneath the green, military-style jacket that Woodson was wearing, which was later determined to be the assault rifle with a defaced serial number, Forrest said." The fact that the so-called "assault rifles" had their serial numbers defaced means they were NOT bought legally at any gun store. They were bought most definitely on the black market. 99.999999% chance they were stolen guns. Yeah, John Jay, you're right... one can buy a .50 cal upper, a .308 upper, a 7.62x39mm (for AK-47 ammo) upper and put it on the lower section of an AR-15 (semiauto version of an M-16).