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First and foremost, bearings should not be allowed to move either on the shaft or in their housing. This is basic mechanical knowledge. I understand the reasons for the use of the wavy washer use as it allows for the discrepancies in bottom bracket widths. More than likely this is why there are those that experience this problem and those that don't. Quite simply put, manufacturing is not perfect and your bike may leave the factory with a very wide BB ensuring that minimal slack is evident in the BB therefore it would be less likely you would experience the fore mentioned problems. But clearly if you can add only minor lateral pressure to the crank, then the wavy washer is not coping with the job. I have experienced this problem on mine and a friends bike. The easiest and most available fix is to fit an additional wavy washer which will increase the pressure on the bearing set holding it in position and it will also remove some play within the BB (a shim in effect). Shimming is another possible solution but they are a little hard to come by. I want to make this perfectly clear that if you have noise coming from your BB its an indication something is wrong. Ignoring it will only end up with worn bearing cups and bearings. I'm glad to say that it does appear to work, though early days yet. For $5 - $10 washer I certainly think its worth a try. For my ten cents worth I believe the problem occurs due to the bearings "sliding" laterally within the cups. It is especially notable when high torque situations occur as there is a vertical force and a horizontal force applied which compresses the wavy washer allowing the shaft and bearings to shift (to the chainring side), then as the load is removed the chainring bearing reseats back into the cup giving you the ticking sound. Which is exactly what you get in your pedalling action. Good luck to all and enjoy your campy groupsets
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2010 on Campagnolo Ultra Torque Problem? at RogueMechanic
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Jan 12, 2010