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I'm so sorry about your stressful, sucky morning Danielle. But this meal looks absolutely delicious and just perfect to serve in the succah in a few weeks. I'm putting it into my recipe plan for the holiday right now. Thank you (and be sure to have at least 2 glasses of red wine with that stew)! - Carol
Like some of the other commenters, I gave up on Grey's a while ago too. I only have so many TV watching hours available in my life, and right now they are going to Smash and Once Upon a Time.(Yes, I even gave up on Glee). Despite being several seasons out of the loop, can I say that you've clearly got an (additional) future in TV writing? Go for it! :)
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Hi Asha, I just stumbled upon this now and my question is this: Did the kids stick with it? I feel like my kids would be excited about this for a day or two and then as soon as they realized it still made them do their chores, just not do them, cards or no. How'd it work out over time? Thanks! - Carol
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ROFL! Love this post. Now if only we could all get permission to wear pink sneakers to the next wedding...
Definitely green. It's going to be gorgeous.
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Jun 9, 2011