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To those who think it wouldn't have been a disaster to see McCain WIN. It would have been a disaster! No, I didn't vote for either man. We had, actually, a list of TEN. Ron Paul was there. So was Cynthia McKinney. And, Bob Barr. Oh. And, Ralph Nader. Don't paint Americans as people who see only two choices. When you've got to hold your nose to vote. Why such bad candidates? They know the 'imperial city.' They know the inside track. They know that most of the bad stuff in DC is done behind closed doors. Oh, and they know that even 'owning' the entire Federal Goverment; they've put faces on the party that has stopped people from laughing at them. And, getting scared. So, you tell me. With all this 'majority stuff' why the panic? As to Obama thinking he can just pick up where Dubya and Condi left off ... Doesn't seem to be any more successful this time around (the mulberry bush), that it was for Dubya, who shredded his credibility and his family's legacy. You just can't fool me. That's all.
Do not be afraid. Bibi Netanyahu has more information on Barry Soetoro/Obama than you an even dream of. He also knows how to play the media game so that Israel does not lose. Iran's soon to be nuclear arsonal has the saud's shaking in their boots. And, Bibi "likes it that way." To fly to Iran? You're kidding me. It's one thing to take out Saddam's Osarik. And, on par with going into Syria and doing the same. But "toys for the presstitutes?" Why? The next big thing will be like the last big thing. When russia was watering her way to the Mideast with a load of Timber and S-300's for Iran. When a mystery occurred. Who can explain it? A mysterious ship boarding. The Timber continues. Bibi visits putin. Hush Hush. Obama is not in the loop! Jimmy Carter is the bottom of the barrel. Even the planned UN 'hoo-ha' is not gonna save Obama's ass. Or pelosi's ass. Or Harry Reid's ass. And, the CIA? They're not in any shape, right now, to be considered First Class Secret Mission types. (Yes, the Liberty got a lesson, taught. It was 300 miles off course. A foolish play by LBJ.) And, Israel just doesn't respond. You want the truth? Wait till the presstitutes die off. History will expose lessons that you can only dream of, now. How can Iran lose her nukes? Well, let's see. Remember the explosion in North Korea? Woke the Chinese up. And, who says everything goes well when you have nuclear power? Remember Chernobyl? Not done on purpose. Just done on "stupidly" time. And, again. When you're dealing with getting 'halp' from the russians. Besides, even in Irak, now, Maliki is worried. Not that I care. Nor should you.