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People in Kailua are just as thrilled by his presence.
Ummmmm...did he just bow to Putin in that clip?
Now What? Which way do we turn? I am sickened beyond belief.
Well, this is disconcerting, I have Delia Smith's Christmas cookbook, a souvenir of the Christmas I spent in England with my Mother. Somehow it seems a little less warm and fuzzy as it sits on my bookshelf!
For now I am still hoping for Cain. Sarah is wonderful, and it may sound foolish, but I know there are still some men out there who will not vote for a woman. My concern is not that they will vote for obama, but that they will sit out the election which is the same thing. I would never have thought of this on my own but during the last election one of my friends and her husband were getting ready to go to the poll when he told her he was voting for obama. She was voting for McCain. Turns out he did not want a woman for president under any circumstances. End result is that they did not go to the poll for that election. I was flabbergasted. The most important thing is getting rid of whats-his-name.
Ooops! A blemish on the face of humanity. Not the best typist here!
Sarah, since you are clearly NOT American, go home and make trouble there. I do not care what race you are, but I know that you are a blemish on the face of himanity.
Soccer in the US has always bothered me. Introduction of soccer seems to be just another step towards the one world government thing. In California, as in the rest of our country, it is not the will of California's people that it be a sanctuary state. Many towns such as Escondido have tried to ban rentals to illegal aliens only to have these decisions overturned by courts. It is frustrating and maddening to go into a store and find that no one on the staff from mgr. to checkout clerks do not speak English. To see our state turning into another country is agony. To read and listen to others talk about Californians as though we were all from San Francisco, seems everyone in this country hates California the way the rest of the world hates the USA.
Annie, perhaps we shiould all log on to the JP comments!
Pure joy. My first smiles of the day. Thanks for this, I'm saving this for those gloomy, beachless days we suffer in Illinois.
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Nov 9, 2010
Jim...and Rita too, how does it feel to look in the mirror every day and realize that your mama raised a fool? Carol Chang
French children are to sing the national anthem once a year? It should be at least once a week. The idea is to make them proud of being French (that did not used to be an issue for the French). The picture with this article is creepy..a word I do not think I have used in years.
There are two documentaries currently on tv on being Black in America. I wish someone would do a documentary on Being White in America. Caucasion is the only group in the world that doesn't get a break for being what they are, and I read somewhere recently that caucasion accounts for around 20% of the worlds population. I think that is a minority. I never cared for the designation "white". It is a racially charged word forced on us by darker skined people.
SouthernWolf, secession was always about States Rights. Every state has the right to make certain voters are qualified to vote. I've seen Atlanta (my father's birthplace) recently. Georgia MUST verify voters. So must every state in our country.