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Carol Wildbird
The Wild Birds
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Its a really interesting picture. Apparently the artist was very interested in alchemy, and I'm guessing that the painting reflects that, and gives his own take on spiritual enlightenment. But to me, she is very worldly - enlightenment is not through rejecting the ways of the body, but through fully embracing them in all their glory... Perhaps its not surprising that Jung believes the mystic rose is a symbol of the Yoni... ...wherein all secrets can be found.... :-)
Toggle Commented May 3, 2010 on Art again.... at Wildbird
Something has gone wrong with the "Compose" page in the new format. It has lost the bar which enables font changes etc, and the type in the main box is the wrong font, and has a carriage return after three words! I have a screen shot of the page if that would help. i have had to switch back to old format (which is fine) to do any posts.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2010 on Tell us why you are switching back at Switching Back
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Mar 15, 2010