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I would like to thank you for a very objective view on this subject. I do not believe that the Confederate flag should be condemned as a symbol of slavery for at least one important reason...compared to other flags its role in slavery is minor. The United States flag also carries the baggage of slavery for 87 years (much longer than the 4 years of the Confederate flag) and the US Flag was used by foreign slave ships to protect them from being search by anti-slavery patrols (Ships flying the US Colors could not be stopped at sea after the War of 1812). Yet one can look past that (while not forgetting the details) and look at the Stars and Stripes as a symbol of freedom. The same can apply of the Confederate battle flag (which by the way is NOT the "Star and Bars" that term applies to the 1st Confederate National flag). As you have written objectively (which I thank you for) the flag is only as hateful as those who carry it. As long as those who condemn it or misuse it are confronted, then right will prevail. Southerners honor both the US and Confederate banners, both share the scars of slavery and racism, yet in the hands of the right people they stand for freedom from tyranny and for the honor of the American people, South, North and West.
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Nov 10, 2010