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Cincinnati Ohio
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I doubt that she's or Todd is selling dope. Dope is nothing compared to the loot she could collect through selling her ass/assets of influence and connections as a Governor. To equal that through dope, she would have to quit and join the Cartel- the big Colombia ones or the Mafia. Wasilla meth is hardly going to support her expensive habits. I think it's a major corruption scandal around tax evasion. The IRS doesn't play when it comes to underreported income or tax fraud, and Sarah has always seemed to me to be the kind that's sort of loose with facts when it comes to money.
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A drug problem could be handled. Ala a tearful confession and 30 days in Betty Ford and a speech to her constituents that she has "licked her problem" or "found Jesus". She could quietly leave and just let the Lt. Gov handle things while in rehab. That wouldn't be enough for this hasty exit. Sex (unless there is some raunchy and deviant pics) ditto. It's criminal, enough for jail time and major scandal coming Monday.
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Her first miscalculation. She probably thought it was a slow enough news day that only the local press would cover it, and then the national networks would pick it up on Monday, when she would have had time to come up with something plausible. With her rants against bloggers, its clear she knows little of the modern news cycle. She still thinks its a TV driven cycle, where the anchors are off at barbecues. News is 24 hours now, and on a day when nothing big is going on, this ironically makes a bigger splash than on Monday. Most politicians of a certain age aren't aware how things have changed. Someone who has the saavy would have dropped this bomb on Tuesday afternoon, during MJ's memorial or posted it on the official blog and let it simmer over the weekend. In any event, she's toast whether she realizes or not.
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"Everything under the Sun" anything she thinks she can get. It sounds like she doesn't have very many options. Which is unusual for an ex-Governor,ex-VP candidate. Even the dimmest of them get at least some lobbying gigs or a seat on a Board of Directors. She should be talking about getting offers or sifting through them now or having accepted a gig to tide her over until she decides what she wants to do. Of course it's bad news. Nobody makes any announcements on a July 3 Friday before a July 4th Saturday. Nobody is watching news tv, the press is out covering holiday events. You might tell your relatives about a wedding announcement or maybe a promotion over the picnic table, but that's about it. She may have been warned about a soon-to-be perp walk. If that's the case, she could probably kiss her pension and other perks goodby if she tries to stick it out. However, if she resigns before the Legislature or the court sanctions her, she can keep at least her last two checks and her benefits.
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