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Toni Carrell
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Piece of cake compared to the ranch slaughters I grew up watching. Poultry is much easier than beef or pork, and rabbits are easier still because you skin them rather than plucking them. Might I suggest you guys get a mechanical plucker? It would surely make you work much quicker and easier. They had one at the gun club where I used to be chef, and it didn't damage the birds at all. Oh, and Little Miss Vegetarian seems like she could use a few doses of reality. Your chicken processing was as humane as it possibly can be. (Although it's easier on them AND you if they don't get away from you on the first try.) ;-) I'm glad you're back, too, in spite of my tardy comment. Welcome home!
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When I have an overwhelming bunch of basil to dispatch I make batch after batch of (nut free) pesto and freeze it in ice cube trays. When they are thoroughly frozen (which takes a couple of days unless your freezer is below zero cold) I then bag them. Either the oil or the lemon juice seems to keep it from turning black. I then use those cubes either alone as pesto or throw a couple in some tomato product, season it and ::poof!:: super easy, really fresh tasting, instant pasta sauce. It's fan-freakin'-tastic-- especially in the dead of winter. If I could buy the pesto cubes at my local farmer's market, I would! (Even if they were a buck-a-cube!) P.S. While I know that you have tons of walnuts at your disposal, I suggest making some nut-free because so many people are allergic to so many things these days. I'm not one of them, thankfully, I'm just sayin'.
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Sep 18, 2011