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Carrie Boyko
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I love that pic. The other day I needed one just like that...finally had to get Tanner to pose. Cute shot and good captioning. :)
No doubt it does take time, Jessica. Good luck.
Some excellent points, Yvonne. Time to dust off my profile and update it. Any tips on creating a clone?
Hello "Karbicyclepettrailer": I'd like to know more as well. I invite you to write to our Ask the Vet column for a holistic view on this condition. You can reach us at Hope to hear from you!
Did anyone notice my themed photo? Baby Oliver found his 'niche' in Tanner's waist--LOL. Okay, I know it was bad, but I couldn't help myself.
Looks like comments are misbehaving. Hopefully I haven't entered 3 that are hiding, only to reappear later and annoy everyone! Sure wish we had names for these 2 cute pups.
Thanks Yvonne! You're the best. I hope you order and win one of the big prizes! You earned it with this nice post. Happy tails! Carrie
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Nov 11, 2010