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Carrie Diduca
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Greta, I have just watched the video on youtube about this topic, and I am one of the angry athiests. Its funny because I am definately not an angry person, so when I started watching pro religion videos on youtube, I felt anger, but had no idea that it was anger that I was feeling, as I had never experienced it before. I've been an athiest since I was about 11, and as I'm only 22 thats not too long, but I have never been up front about my beliefs, because I'm a very appologetic person so I felt bad, but watching your video, and reading this page, has shown me that I have the right to be angry and be upfront for what I believe, so thank you. I have been very lucky because I live in Scotland and it's not a particularly religious country (by the way the Scottish Government is trying to legalise gay marriage), so I have never felt the prejudice that you do over in the States. I sometimes wish that one day everyone will wake up, shake their heads and wonder why on earth they believed such a ridiculous idea. Sorry about this short essay, I had alot to get off of my chest. Thank you again for giving me the self-belief that I have the right to be angry, and not to hide my views or backdown in the face of a religious debate. Carrie.
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2012 on Atheists and Anger at Greta Christina's Blog
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Nov 5, 2012