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Frederic Carrier
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How about the idea of several shorter rides with a RBI where I jump in the pool to cool-off then hop back on the bike? For High Intensity Training, RBI are supposed to stay short (let's say 4:1 work to rest ratio) to get the stress & fitness again. Is there any literature on RBI for Z1-Z2 aerobic rides ? I'll give it a try this weekend and hopefully won't waste a workout.
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I live in a Dallas suburb and train for IM. It's hot and often humid here. I find that the heat produces a double whammy as regulating/sweating consume energy & deplete blood volume and the more you push the more heat your muscle generate. I train in the morning, wet my shirt and arm coolers, use ice, hydrate by thirst, etc My tribike looks like a water delivery truck as I'm carrying 5-6 frozen water bottles. I find that a lot of my energy goes into evacuating heat (my PRs fall in the fall & winter) so I like the idea of different FTP at 20C, 30C, 40C. One could also think of FTP at different air flow (my fan by the indoor trainer has 3 settings and my FTP test protocol sets fan at max). My questions are about heat vs decoupling. - My long slow rides start early in the morning and finish in the afternoon. How do I figure out if I'm fading because of aerobic fitness, heat fatigue or nutrition. - Instead of one long slow ride, would I get a similar aerobic stress if i did several shorter rides in the same day? Let's say instead of a 150km ride I could do 3x50km with a 15min RBI cooling in a pool. This would be much easier heat-stress-wise. Is there any literature on that? Would the TSS be the same ?
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Aug 5, 2013