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Carroll Muir
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I wonder if the ability to handle a higher amount of carbs is tied in with activity level Ie our sedentary 21stC lifestyle makes a high consumption of carbs inappropriate. Lack of exercise => more insulin resistance => weight gain. Thinking of carbs as one uniform macronutrient class is unhelpful. There is a world of difference between something that grows in the ground (or on a tree or vine) and something manufactured like a cake, biscuit or candybar. I prefer the label carb-smart rather than low-carb. The ratio of macronutrients may be a red herring - The health benefit may be from avoiding processed foods and damaged fats, and maximizing minerals & vitamins etc. Your blog is a good reminder to be skeptical and keep an open mind.
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Sugar Block: Strategies for Keeping Sugar Out of Your Life
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Jun 25, 2010