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From a Philadelphia defense attorney, Michael Engle who once served as president of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Attorneys: "Selecting people with ties to Penn State is really a double-edged sword," Engle said. "You could have people who blindly think that there's no way one of their great coaches could have done this, or you could have people who think that he tarnished the name of a great institution and should be punished." Let's hope the delivery of evidence sharpens the right edge.
This trial needs to be moved to Minnesota or Alaska or New Zealand.
Wins in any TEAM sport equate to jack shit. All this joker needs to do is see how educated the Cy Young voters are now to what is really important when you see Feliz Hernandez win the Cy Young with a 13-12 win/loss record. Same goes for Lee, if he has his usual Summer, he'll still be in the top-5 in the Cy voting with like a 10-3 record. Clearly, The Riddler has no clue what WHIP, K/BB, ERA, BAA, QS, etc. mean when it comes to what makes up a dominant pitcher. Plain and simple: wins are for teams. Cliff Lee has done everything his TEAM has asked of him, less one game (BOS).
And people wonder why Philadelphia comes across as having negative-minded fans when its own papers/online news outlet presents them with a ridiculously stupid question like that when Lee is among the leaders in several pitching categories. Wins mean jack shit.
Philadelphia baseball writers blow. No passion for the game & no hunger for hunting a lead or rumor... just the bare minimum reporting on someone else's thirst for news & info.
Davidson looks like he'd definitely smell like the Jim Beam factory on most days
I attended plenty of Phillies games in the mid-to-late 80s, the 90's, and early 2000. I saw a lot of bad Philies teams, a ton of bad baseball. This is not one of those teams, fans need to get over themselves and stay aboard. At the very worst, this is a season with an additional wild card slot and we all know how last year's NL wild card team performed. It's a long season and as a fan, you should consider your self part of the team as they have all said about a million times how the fans "picked us up this game, etc.". Don't stop now, this team loves its fans, loves to be active in the community, hangs out with us at times, some call CC home. They've given us FIVE STRAIGHT YEARS of playoff baseball and one WS Championship. Too many so quick to jump and boo, try something different for a change...get behind them more instead of bailing.
NJD forecheck is ferocious, not giving the Flyers D time to think with the puck...but what is so frustrating is that they ARE taking that extra second to think. High & Hard around the boards/off the glass & the wingers support @ the half-wall. I'd rather the NJD have to work off intercepting the clear along the boards than having it stripped behind our own net. This series has come down to turnovers and NJ is feeding off of it. Flip-side: our forwards are NOT pressuring their D enough at all. Much of that has to do with the ability of Brodeur. Solution? The dumps have to be calculatted, the league implemented the trapezoid because of NJD #30...the dumps have to fall into those corners and not on the hard-around.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2012 on No Jam at Crossing Broad
I did a piece earlier this year on Washington. Their fanbase is sad...and they certainly have faithful followers, but I would have to put the blame on their marketing/promotional team. The blog here:
There's not a city on this planet that hasn't had their share of embarrassing fan (or fans) ignorance & idiocracy, so no fan base ever has a leg to stand on when arguing their point and/or doing their best rendition of "hey pot, you're black". On any given day it can happen , but you just have to be smart. Problem #1 is the vast supply of alcoholic bevs within a 1/4 mile radius around any stadium, especially our sports complex--which I love. The layout is great, multiple venues, and especially now that it features the Xfinity Live monster that gives a chance for fans to band together when they don't have a ticket to the big event or simply want to get fired up for when our teams are on the road. Add in the pre-game tailgating, the playoffs, and a healthy rivalry and your potential for this BS skyrockets. The two-part remedy is easy: 1. don't be an ass 2. Don't let those with you be an ass. I'm not sure I see any of her friends jumping to her aid, but then again, there's a mob of people all on their feet around her so maybe they tried. On the flip-side, there's no excuse for the classless response & obscenities from Flyers fans. There are kids at these games, I can only wish that this would be every fan's common denominator towards maintaining adult dignity.
Bring me on board as a CB field reporter and we can have a HR derby next year! FYI, i bat from the left side, so 90% chance I'll have the left-to-right wind
Aaaaaaand Malkin does it again last night, shoulder to the head of an unsuspecting Couturier who, once again, did NOT have the puck. Simply because Couturier aborted Malkin's rush. Interference. a measly 2:00. Couturier sincerely slow to get up. All Shanahan needs to do is jump on to after each Flyers/Penguins game. I've been watching since 1979 and I have never, ever seens such a bunch of dirty fucks as this Penguin team. Video here:
Here's candidate #2, the 5'11 Tyler Kennedy jumping at the head of 6'4" Grossan (although leaning a little, making him about 6'1")
I've been watching hockey since 1979 and I've never, EVER seen such an assemblance of dirty, cheap shot scumbags like this Penguins team. No heart, no spine. I can't wait to see us smoke them again Wednesday.
They blew an ICING CALL against us, too, which led to their 3rd goal!
So few mention the waved-off icing that led to Pens goal #3. Awful call to wave it off, but evened-up on the non-offsides to Briere. Don't want to hear this for the next 2 days from Pens fans unless they remember they got a gift, too.
I knew you'd cover the zit. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be here the next day.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2012 on Skate Bites: Bryzing Excellence at Crossing Broad
What's up with that cardigan? (pic with Blake)
True, sucks and it seems like Bryz is letting in 1-2 softies a game. But, to me it feels like the booing fans in Philly smell blood with Bryz and want to pour it on--largely because he simply doesn't know how to handle the pressure on *and* off the ice. I wish he'd just clam up and play, because that's the only place he can get better. There's no way the fans will let up, but sometimes I think booing & slamming a guy becomes an epidemic in Philadelphia when it simply doesn't help the situation at all--especially when there's really no other option other than to keep him.
FYI, me personally? I've never, ever booed a player, period. I don't see the rationale of booing your own team's players. As an athlete, it would be like me booing my own teammate. I do wish PHL would change this, but too many fans have the patience of a kid gone clothes shopping with mom. I get that we all spend money on tickets, but it's just too easy to use that as an excuse...chances are a player might not score, make a save, hit a home run, etc. But, there's much more to a professional athlete beyind the game as most of them work their tails off to get where they are at the same time we're all doing what we do during the day.
I love the egomaniac comment--right after he pounded his chest about his vast coverage of american cities, blah blah blah. In other words, "I've made my rounds, my bones and know more than you do". But you ARE right...those other cities you listed (all similar in both their fan base and market size) would DEFINITELY boo Bryz. I think the only athlete in this city that had any kind of support during a tough season or so was Pat the Bat.
Just for all of those scouts and GMs who crank up LinkedIn in their search for FA relief pitching. I love it, I think it's awesome he has a LinkedIn account.
Whether he did it or not, he's still Philadelphia's early frontrunner for a 2012 Darwin Award
Cheesy, tacky, but most of us are safe from ever seeing them
So, I guess we'll never know who the mystery team was. Angels had better not think about using the term, "dream team"
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2011 on Sticky Post: Phillies Hot Stove at Crossing Broad