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I was watching the discussion about my article for quite a while - and, frankly, quite amused. Well, for all of you who did not read it propperly or, maybe, are not to familiar with German: This is neither anti american nor about special forces. The Jesus guy was an army dude, the other one a former SF guy. Thats it. The story is basically about a guy (me) who just arrives in Baghdad trying to read - and getting disturbed. Besides that it is playing with the sterotypes and rumours of SF. As it is mentioned - nobody really knows what they are doing. For the picture. Well, badly chosen. It is clearly not a SF dude. And neither says the caption. To be honest, I don't really care, snice I have not taken that picture. So, dear critics, I suggest to read the other articles of Die Welt which I published. Its a diary, fragments of a day and not meant to generalise.