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Here is the last 30 day temperature anomaly:
I've been watching western Greenland MODIS and it seems to be using your Mapril calendar as well. Matt Owens has a nice post at Fairfax Climate Watch about the status of Greenland snow cover.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2013 on Looking for winter weirdness 6 at Arctic Sea Ice
I think it would be hard to melt 100 times more ice. That is a marine climate, so I doubt you would see temperatures in the 80's or 90's. Maybe you could get a big melt water lake that could burst through a glacial dam. What I do think will happen is there will be a lot longer duration of high volume melt periods. I also think storm tracks may move further north and then you could get high rainfall totals on top of slushy ice with dire consequences. Here are some more overhead shots:
The MODIS satellites Terra and Aqua show that western Greenland has very little snow cover for this time of year. It looks more the like the middle of May. March 2013: May 2012 (record melt year):
Maybe it's just me, but March 2013 looks a lot like May 2012.
The lack of snow up and down the West Coast of Greenland is also scary to me.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2013 on Max reached (?) at Arctic Sea Ice
Matt many of you ideas were incorporated into the original plan for Reston, VA(,_Virginia). Unfortunately, it has devolved into more of a sprawling suburb than the new urban utopia Robert E. Simon first envisioned. I think the biggest obstacle right now to these visionary plans is that people do not live where they work. Every day I cross the American Legion bridge on the beltway with thousands of other Virginia commuters into Maryland, while a steady stream of Maryland drivers flows the other way to Virginia. I know people who leave their houses before 5:00 am to commute from West Virginia to DC. I don't think this necessarily has to be viewed as "Big Government Plot". Taxes and incentives can bring around rapid evolution brought about by market forces. My company was given tax breaks to relocate their headquarters to Va. How about a tax break if your company has some percentage of it's employees within walking distance? John
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2013 on A radical plan at Fairfax Climate Watch
Matt, Here is more news that methane feedbacks could be even worse: John
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Mar 5, 2013