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Apr 18, 2012
Well, I don't really need more excuses to load up on prunes! :-) And glad to find out about contraction issue, will try to spread them out throughout the day. I have a sort of unrelated question just in case you know ... I live in CA but my mom lives in Cleveland. My sibs and I want to hook her up with a plant-strong personal chef for a week or so to help kickstart her plantstrong diet -- is there such a person in Cleveland? It seems like a great business to be in -- a few weeks of kickstart the diet, super-charge and clear the pantry, stock the fridge ... Love your blog! We took the plunge last February and are loving it. You have made a great difference to our little family.
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Thank you for sharing so much with those of us who are not there in person. Much love, Caryn
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Dear Daniel, David, Avery and Jared join me in sending you our love from Mountain View. I smiled to see you seek to contact all who loved her and it made me think of how her smile reached out like that and then the giggle too. And kept on rolling and tickling and supporting. I will keep on rolling and tickling and supporting over and beyond the seeable horizon. I think your quest for who loved her and the laugh both partake of a little immortality and that both will keep in motion long beyond the pain she has stepped away from in her death. Her smile, laugh, the solid motion of a Bonnie hug, and again the laugh and on and on like that. Even my youngest Jared gets a little Bonnie love though he never met her, because the little I got was so much and so precious that it just keeps on and on. Love, Caryn Brooks Coleman
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Jun 10, 2011