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The problem with this article is in my view the statement that "the economy is now stagnating" I assume based on the apparent slow growth in productivity figures but which , in my view is wrong. I do not believe that GDP whether in total or per head is accurately reflecting the giant strides that are being made . Look around, or even look in your hand . The "hedonic adjustments" which are meant to account for the improved functionality of the tools we all use every day , the mobile phone(hand held personal computer ?)our TV, our laptops and the myriad software tools they support have changed the world fundamentally and at diminishing cost for increased functionality. I suspect that when the economic history of the last two or three decades is finally compiled we will find a very rapid productivity growth .
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2021 on It's not the 90s any more at Stumbling and Mumbling
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Feb 18, 2021