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Darcy Casavant
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The 2nd night after my daughter was born, I had an air bubble in my shoulder (C-section) and was in tremendous pain; she was only nursing on one side; it was one in the morning. I told myself, "Tomorrow, we learn new things. Tonight, we do what works." More often than not, I've gone back to that.
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As a public librarian, I don't know it if was a good or bad thing to read the comments. Texas State Libraries took a major hit in the budget. This is how we have funded sharing the costs of databases, InterLibrary Loan services, even incentives and programs for Summer Reading Programs. It also means job positions. The ironic thing is that we're not looking how to cut those services--we're looking at how we can still offer those services under the constraints without the public feeling a bump. And if we do our job right, we make it look easy in such a way that comments like the "libraries are irrelevent" continue. We're dancing as fast as we can. Thank you, Wil, for your support.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2011 on librarians are awesome at WWdN: In Exile
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Jan 29, 2011