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Neil Peters-Michaud
I own an IT Asset Retirement company and have a wonderful wife and 2 great kids.
Interests: hiking, building (a tree house this summer), spending time with the family, exploring, brewing beer, reading history
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While the FTC has stated that “the mere fact that a breach occurred does not mean that a company has violated the law,” its enforcement powers do not require an actual breach to bring an enforcement action. Indeed, the FTC rejects the notion that its enforcement authority depended upon the occurrence of an actual data breach. Rather, the FTC also focuses on prevention of data breaches in the first instance. In fact, almost one-third of enforcement actions since 2002 were not based on actual data breaches. Instead, the FTC alleged that the companies’ practices increased the risk of a data breach and/or misrepresented the extent of the companies’ data security measures. In other words, companies must put safeguards in place to protect against data breaches or face FTC liability. Continue reading
By Matt MacLean, JD, CHAMP On March 15-18, 2015, the country’s top securities and financial regulators met at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (“SIFMA”) Compliance and Legal Society Annual Seminar. Speakers included Mary Jo White, Chair of the... Continue reading
We recently had a customer ask us to help it convince its finance department to allow it to release a large number of surplus computers from its asset base. The company just completed a global refresh of IT equipment, but many of the replaced machines were on a five year depreciation schedule, so the finance department was reluctant to write them off the books. The customer wanted to know, "how can I help finance see value in disposing of these devices?" This article provides 5 arguments to convince your finance department that now is the time to retire those unproductive IT assets. Continue reading
Cascade recently surveyed its customers and other interested stakeholders to learn more about their IT asset disposition programs. One question we asked was, "What do you see as some of the most important issues facing your organization in regards to IT asset disposal in the next year?" Here is what they said... Continue reading
At the recent PDS Tech show in Madison, Cascade asked participants at our exhibit booth to write down their thoughts on what they can do in their organizations to mitigate risk or increase the value of their IT assets. The audience was primarily IT managers and practitioners involved in the design of IT infrastructures, IT procurement, asset management and disposal. They came up with some great ideas that all of us can use. This is what they said. Continue reading
Cascade analyzed the resale values of more than 59,000 used computers and found that the average monthly decline in the resale price of these IT assets is about 3.5%. Companies that properly manage their IT assets during disposition can reduce the TCO of these devices by about 14%. This article was published in an IAITAM ITAK article and was presented at the IAITAM Fall ACE conference on November 5, 2014. Continue reading
Information from the recent EPA forum bringing together a multi-stakeholder group of manufacturers, recyclers, NGOs and others to look for effective solutions to electronics reuse and recycling challenges in America. Continue reading
HIPAA-covered entities must bring every Business Associate Agreement (“BAA”) into compliance with the Omnibus Rules by September 22, 2014. Federal fiscal year 2014 brought a permanent HIPAA audit program under the guidance of the US Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) Office of Civil Rights (“OCR”), the agency charged with enforcing HIPAA. According to the OCR Director Leon Rodriguez, OCR wants “to hit more entities and be more focused on parts of the privacy and security rules for which breaches are at high risk.” Continue reading
Cascade reviewed the recent SEC Risk Alert which requests investment firms to provide details on their risk management strategies to combat "cybersecurity." In it, they call for these financial institutions to describe their IT Asset Management and Disposition programs. This is a likely sign of further inquiries or regulation into this industry, and IT Asset Management will figure prominently in the discussion. Continue reading
Top CIOs from Johnson Controls, Northwestern Mutual, Rockwell Automation, and GE Healthcare share their insights into security, mobile devices, and Big Data. Continue reading
Our ITAD firm works with many health care organizations that employ encryption and “LoJack” tracking technology to protect and recover electronic Personal Health Information (“PHI”) stored on laptops in use at their facilities. These tools are very effective to mitigate... Continue reading
With bi-partisan support, the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act (RERA) was just reintroduced into Congress as HR-2791. This bill has garnered wide support from the business community and environmentalists. HP, Dell, Apple, Samsung and Best Buy have publicly endorsed this program... Continue reading
Some people think that limiting the export of e-scrap to developing countries is racist because it denies them a better wage. That's a bit hypocritical when they drive around in their Audi's and the workers in developing countries are getting poisoned. Continue reading
The US ITC report on the used electronics export market is an important body of work and demonstrates this is a sizeable industry with a significant impact on the industry. But people must be careful about drawing too many conclusions since the authors recognize there are limitations in their methodology to ensure the veracity of the primary source of data. Continue reading
The DoD 5220.22-M "standard" is obsolete and companies are wasting time and money when a 1 pass wipe will do just fine. Of more concern are the challenges from sanitizing new media in the market. Continue reading
A vision for a sustainable ICT infrastructure requires us to look at equitable, innovative solutions for growth. Continue reading
Questions that are being considered by industry experts at the Sustainable Electronics Forum hosted by the US EPA. Continue reading
The US EPA asked electronics recyclers to give input on the effectiveness and rigor of the R2 and e-Stewards standard, but are they asking the right questions? Continue reading
A concerned and an informed citizenry must restrict the wholesale export of untested, non-working e-waste to developing countries. It is just the right thing to do. Businesses will adapt. Continue reading
I was surprised when I was again asked by government officials in Washington, DC about whether the American electronics recycling industry can ramp up capacity fast enough to absorb the onslaught of unprocessed electronics that will no longer be allowed... Continue reading
A new website for a business group of electronics recyclers was just launched today at The website contains a wealth of information about the proposed Responsible Electronics Recycling Act (HR 2284 / S1270) now in front of Congress. The... Continue reading
After a proclamation by President Obama on November 15, 2010, an Interagency Task Force, comprised of the GSA, EPA, and Council on Environmental Quality, was charged with developing an electronics stewarship initiative. On Wednesday, July 20, they released their report.... Continue reading
The announcement yesterday (July 5, 2011) that Intercon Solutions of Chicago, IL was “delisted” from R2 Certification and denied an e-Stewards Certification demonstrates that these third party audit programs actually have some teeth in them. The grounds for denial are... Continue reading
What are we trading for the convenience of Producer Responsibility legislation? I believe one of the main intents of making the manufacturers of products responsible for the life cycle impacts of their products (from production through disposal) is to internalize... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010