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@RM -- that is probably correct it is just unbeleivable that someone who writes something like this a woman with almost no knowledge of or interest in American domestic or foreign issues, history or economics -- can think they are being sympathetic in any way - it must be a major case of PDS
No one- NO ONE - hates Palin more than Zorn!
one of the nastiest hate filled things I have ever read!!!! Palin derangement syndrome example 1!! So nasty,
why would roach a huge financial supporter of Obama think he could get palin input on something that bashes her and trashes her and it by all accounts like something by the DNC ad people
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But the whole US team died on the way to the 1961 championships. NOthing like that happened this year. There is no reason for cancelling the 2011 world figure skating championships. NONE. There is just no reason to. There is reason not to hold it in Japan but not to cancel it altogether. This was horrible for JApan but not horrible for skating. There is a difference. Worlds should be held. I don't know I just feel your lack of belief in the team the US is sending this year is affecting your judgment and why you want the worlds cancelled so so badly.
No because the test had become can you do a quad and do everything else. Not just do triples. triples only era was over. Lysacek didn't risk the quad and therefore he's a lesser skater doing lesser difficulty and shouldn't have been a contender for gold at all --- ESPECIALLY at the Olympics!!
The fact is that Lysacek tried a quad at nationals weeks before the Olympics and he failed and didn't want to fail at the Olympics so he was a coward and took it out of his program! It makes so much sense that he was willing to break his foot in a million pieces or something LOL right before the Olympics? PLease! Give me a break and not be a Lysacek apologist- he couldn't do a quad and came up with a ridiculous storlyine that is unbelievable because of his own actions at US Nationals in 2010. Of course the whole system was totally altered in many ways after the Olympics because NO ONE at all thought you could win without a quad. NO ONE! The fact that the judges were so stupid and awarded Lysaceks cowardice was changed and hopefully it will not happen ever again.
This is a ridiculous celebration of someone whose cowardice in performing a quad could have destroyed the technical progression of mens skating if the ISU didn't change the rules to prevent someone from winning without a quad again. His win is a disgrace and shame to mens figure skating.
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Jan 25, 2011