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Hey Old Ironsides. Wow, I've always wanted to say that to someone. While I understand where you're going with that comment, the boob post was not intended to highlight the gender divide in advertising. It was merely a shocking observation of the "does this kind of stuff actually exist?" genre. But in relation to your comment, yes it does SEEM like ideas should matter more than sex in advertising. However, the truth is that while we are growing in numbers, I can still count the female award-winning creative directors on my five right-hand fingers. Guys who think like you help though. So thanks for actually not missing anything.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2007 on Nothing is 'Free' at Creative Skirts
I first heard about Jureeporn in a Creativity Magazine. You can see her work at: Just download the "Smooth E Baby Face Foam" spot. It's a four-part series, and you can watch the whole thing in one shot. If you've ever been to Thailand, you can totally feel Bangkok seeping through these ads, it's amazing. Enjoy!
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2006 on I (heart) Jureeporn at Creative Skirts