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The first VHS release of THE DRIVER mistakenly indicated a 131-minute running time on the box, from which sprang the myth of a director's cut. I owned it, and it contained the one-and-only 91-minute version found everywhere else. I doubt a two-hour-plus version of THE DRIVER would work as well.
I saw it at Cinema One on 46, too, with my mom. It was right after it opened; indeed, maybe that Saturday, May 24. No hospital ending. Could the minions have cut it that quickly?
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2013 on "Shining" time at Some Came Running
RIP Gloria Stuart, age 100. Among other things she, too, was a MURDER, SHE WROTE alum.
I haven't seen Brandon very much but at my daughter's command I hear him everyday, as the voice of the Storyteller on PBS' long-running THOMAS & FRIENDS. "Fizzling fireboxes!"
Welles--"not untalented," but no David Fincher. :)
Is that the first time the scorpion/frog story was related by characters in a film? After THE CRYING GAME it seemed to turn up in every other crime thriller for years.
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Sep 26, 2010