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Give me a break. The way you act like having a child is the end of the world as a musician is if all other indie musicians without children have it so much easier. Yes, a child is a huge financial responsibility but a single, 20 something year old student, living on their own with some low paying burger flipping job feels just as much financial strain and time consumption as a person with a child. I agree with Manager Jim (above)...this interview was embarrassing and hard to listen to. The fact that Alina talks about certain genres of music being deemed acceptable as art and others not making the cut is the EXACT reason schools and organizations have a hard time funding creative arts. ITS SUBJECTIVE!!! Sure some music is more traditional than others but you should be ashamed to call yourself a musician as you tear down different genres as if they're not worthy. Music is expression of self and shouldn't be confined to the template of what once was. It is forever evolving. I honestly listened to 9 minutes of this and shut it off. I couldn't stand to hear another second of the one sided OPINIONS delivered as facts.
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Jan 27, 2014