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Hi George, Yes the inescapable is here. I am surrounding myself with sapient 18 - 25 year olds in a province that recently endured collapse conditions here in New Zealand. i hope that your hope for sapience - one i share - having a continuing place in this neck of the universe can continue a little while although it seems likely that extinction is a distinct possibility my will to survive will not wither until the very end. Gene
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2019 on Happy (sic) New Year at Question Everything
I hope my phrase "the arguably pointless achievements of our culture" is read in the context of a metaphysical enquiry regarding how we place value NOT as a value judgement in itself.
Really enjoyed the pleasure of having a fresh morsel of your food for thought to tuck into. Perhaps I'm asking a question you'll find more related to your coming metaphysical series but... Do you find yourself challenged, as I am, by feelings of misanthropy towards the species when considering our many flaws and the arguably pointless achievements of our culture? When you state "I am hopeful (almost confident) that a remnant of the human species will survive through the impending evolutionary bottleneck" is this a position that wavers when you consider the futility of the human project? Or is your faith in the 'objective value' of sapience in another wise value-less universe a conscious position? I ask not to demean any position you may have but to help interrogate my own position and search for my own way through the nihilism that confronts me when I consider the disputable value of human continuance.