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Cassandra Orion
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I actually tried to use this tutorial to cut a big glass mirror, not much bigger than the size that you worked with. No injuries but the project still ended HORRIBLY. I wanted to have the octagon shape so I wasn't doing anything too crazy. Here are a few more "real life" pointers from someone who tried to use this tutorial and failed. Things I would have liked to know... 1. The glass she is using in the tutorial is fairly thin. Use thin glass. Mine was thicker and thus the scoring didn't work so well. When we pushed down instead of breaking cleanly it broke it BIG, SHARP, POINTY, DANGEROUS SECTIONS. You know that fear she tells you that you shouldn't have? I would not be so confident. Be careful, ours definitely was dangerous. 2. She doesn't really talk much about scoring. It sort of looks like you just use it like an exacto knife... which is partially true but you have to press REALLY HARD. Because if you don't score deep enough, you won't get the nice clean cut. You'll get big sharp shards (see #1). 3. In a few instances, instead of just breaking off cleanly it was crack the entire piece of mirror... making the entire piece useless. 4. I don't know if this happened to her, because she doesn't cover it at all but I was left with tiny pieces of glass all around my working area. Only a few were big enough to cause bodily harm but it still isn't pleasant to have glass sand all over my dining room. I would have thought twice about doing this indoors even though she clearly did. I will probably attempt it again... but with a smaller, thinner mirror and outside, not inside. Anyway, it was a lovely idea for a project but we ended up just wasting a few hours and wasted a big mirror. Hope my notes make others that are thinking of doing this think twice about attempting this tutorial.
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Mar 8, 2015