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@Holly - It's early in the game, but for now, we're just using this as a way to identify prospective donors and existing relationships. I would advise that it would be a good idea to steward these relationships slightly differently, especially if you're reaching out to people who have not given but still show loyalty to the institution. It's up to the Development team to use that loyalty to an advantage and turn it into actual dollars.
Andy, Sounds like you have a great plan going! This weekly feature is really the only one we plan for every week, but I can't tell you how much of an impact it has had on our social media strategy. Just knowing that we will have something posted on Wednesday, and knowing what kind of post it will be, helps with our time management. I'd love to have a more planned-out "week in social media" structure like you have. It's simple and effective. Thanks for reading and leaving such a great comment!
Good question, Krista. The stats are from an ongoing list that I started when we got started on Twitter. Every time we get a new follower, I add the name to the list, check out their profile and determine which category they fall under. Usually, I can determine if they are in the local community or education industry by their bio, and I can figure out if they are an alum, student, parent, faculty/staff by cross-checking with our directories. Some people I just label as 'None.' I also check and take names off the list when they unfollow. Sounds like a lot of work, but I really only spend a few minutes a week on it. I understand this would be a little harder at larger institutions with a large number of followers, but this works for us, and we have 730 followers. Good luck as you get started and welcome to higher ed!
Cassie Dull, online communications specialist at Park Tudor School, writes about analyzing Park Tudor's Twitter followers and tailoring messages to reach a wider audience. Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2011 at CASE Social Media
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May 20, 2011