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I cannot explain why this film continues to linger in my brain. It is quite different from the original series of films (though they got in far too many lines from the Charlton Heston film). Very clever the way they set up the sequel, with the Mars mission and the sick airline pilot. So all we have to do now is roll some of these aerosol smart grenades into a tea party meeting and we're on our way....
Adding to your list of shows, there were the working-class, blatantly non-high-tech cop shows (Barney Miller, Baretta and Colombo with his rickety car), Welcome Back Kotter and Chico and the Man, (set in the same neighbourhood as Sanford and Son, Watts). The thing that strikes me about these shows is the changing demographics of tv that more reflects the country as a whole - blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Puerto Rican Jews, single parents, etc.. There was also Fat Albert, which, along with Sanford and Son makes two shows where a junk yard plays a prominent role - literally living off the scraps of society. Anyway, I have some books to read about the 70s. The politics of the time have escaped me, but I grew up in front of the tv in the seventies and it really affected me and my views on race and class (I believe in a good way), more than I had noticed until I put some thought into it.
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Aug 12, 2011