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Cassie Rangel
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I need to ask Santa for a working printer this year, because there is so much helpful information you are putting out on this blog that I need in my studies! I'm so excited!!
I think I could really benefit from this! I have all the desire for studying Tarot more, but am kinda hitting a brick wall lately in coming up with conflicting meanings for the cards, or how meanings can change with readings. If I had a database from a Tarot community I already respected, that would be a really useful resource for me.
This Thanksgiving will actually be my first official Thanksgiving, Janet. I have grown up in a religious environment where holidays were not observed. So while it's not the first time I've had turkey on a Thursday in November, it's the first time I'm actually commemorating the holiday with things I'm thankful for. Our plans this year including spending the day with new friends, and that is what I am most thankful for this year. We've had a breakthrough year, starting on our own path in life outside the confines of our family's expectations of us, and our friends have been invaluable. I am thankful for their presence in my life, for sharing their life and their home with us, and for the hope they give me in life that we are never far from love if we reach out for it. At this moment in time, I find inspiration and fascination with Siddhartha Gautama. He too left the life that was laid out for him, wandered among the world and saw all the other methods of connecting to the universe, but finally found his own path. Many disagreed with him, but more followed him. I believe if he were on Earth today, he would say that Enlightenment needs no teacher, no master. It is available to all of us, within each of us, and that he is not a man to be revered. I think if he were on Earth today, he would tell me I have touched Enlightenment, and it was not in the places you are told to expect it from. I am hopeful that before my days on this earth end, I too will be able to say I was enlightened as Siddhartha.
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Nov 20, 2011