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I am sooo happy that you have settled in so well! The second you said your home was hidden by trees in the back, I fell in love. I could never live anywhere that didn't have trees. Trees are magical to me. That is fabulous that the grandkids are just down the street, and I cracked up at "Avocado", as a child I had never even heard of Avocados! Kids are exposed to such different things nowadays! I also love bookshelves full of books but...I do often resist buying them due to space considerations. Lenny, on the other hand would buy hundreds if I let him. There is just something about the smell and feel of REAL books! So happy for you and Tom, you are STILL adventurous, that was one heck of a trek!!!
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Thank you for this incredible series you "wise old owl!!" (I don't view you as "old" but I DO view you as "wise"). I thoroughly enjoyed this series and learned a lot from you! I have to be more like an owl myself instead of a chicken! I can't wait until "Fortune Is In The Failure" love these!
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boy am I glad you posted this! I just signed up! Also, haven't forgotten you, I am still holding your blog post from last week, I am running way behind!
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You always inspire me....always. I could listen to you speak for hours. You know I am clinging to (still) "forgive yourself, the past is past".........I am also AWFUL about accepting compliments, just awful. My Weight Watchers leader tells us that if you do not say "thank you" and you go on to say tear yourself is actually insulting to the person who gave the compliment! Yes I agree that we boomers go and find our tools and we want to make a difference! Many of the qualities you mention above I do have, many I had and allowed them to become tainted...I look forward to your next video! Keep them coming please!
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I love your video reviews for many reasons, one of the main ones is your delivery style, (hearing your voice) and the care you put into your reviews. I was surprised (but not too surprised!) to learn that you Mom had her own were lucky to witness in a day and age where it wasn't common, a woman with that type of drive. In Part One of this book you have already given me much to think about....the quote that you mentioned at the end really hit home. Oh and I bet you were a fabulous employee, I understand not feeling heard, but I can't imagine you not being a stellar employee.
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We are gonna be there for sure!! We already have our post all ready to go! :)
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Aug 7, 2011