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Now how did Go Daddy know I was starting CatesCakes already??!! :)
Definitely kindred spirits Anita :) sent you an e - define soon?? Have friends who have collaborated and now have working companies in both locations! Nothing threatening here :)
Thanks Anita and I couldn't agree with you more :) I will be attending TRAFFIC for the first time this year in Las Vegas - hope to meet you there - I do own a few .com so far - will run by the "pigeon shit" detectors there! One of the best financial books I read several years ago was "THe Unemotional Investor" perhaps someone will step up to the plate and write "The Unemotional Domain Investor" although truth be told it could/should be named "The Unemotional NAME Investor" ! Because after all isn't that what all these securities/insecurities have in common? :) Wonder if Blinders are part of the "schwag" at TRAFFIC - Rick? :)
Meet! I've also had times when I have been offered some money for my names and came very close to accepting because of our financial situation at the time. I was lucky to have been able to pick up a freelance marketing/branding job to get through those times. I have also reached out to try to sell the names when I saw no light at the end of my financial tunnel. Fortunately, although at the time I would never have admitted so, it didn't happen. I believe, in my business heart, that we must find a business mentor (not necessarily from the domaining world) to run potential transactions by. They might be able to either bring clarity to our vision OR help us sort out whether or not we truly even have a vision yet! This is just my two cents coming from someone who has only "sold" (they approached me!) one domain so far - myShoes.TV - I am a business person first and soon to be Domainer second! Thanks :)
I am not a Domainer (Yet!) per se but I have been blessed/open to listen/hear folks not just from the domaining world (of which I didn't even know existed til about 2007) but from the business world in general. Natural Names, whether they be of the domain variety or not, is the business path being discussed here. I have been working a job waitressing for a few years now to not only pay for the renewal fees for my Names but to keep them for the intrinsic value I believe they may have. Sure I more then likely own a lot of crap domains that I should have already dumped/tried to sell already but it's the keyword/generic ones albeit they Are .TV that I have held on to year w after year because they have always been intuitive not just to me (who cares what I think right!) but to others!! People who know me ask why I continue to waitress - I rarely answer them with the real reason because they wouldn't in a million years understand! I would shovel shit, if I had to, to cover the cost to hold on to them and I can only say I am delighted that Rick/Danny are leading the Leasing Charge of something I thought/believed in since 2000! Please don't get me wrong here - I have had more money then most at times and I have been dirt poor at times! I have sold what to me at the time were valuable possessions to make ends
I certainly hope this is not the case with anyone/company - "People buy people before they buy product or service" and my vision will only be centered on TRAFFIC folks - loyalty begets loyalty ....
Heading back to the sunshine state :) - GREAT but then again when you have a crystal clear, sunshine state of mind of mind we can see for miles and miles!! Phone calls, emails and up to bat every day I am .... Here I go today!
I would ask him if he has a/some irl mentor(s)? I would ask him what made him first become interested in your blog - was it just "how to become a successful domain investor"? Depending on his answer to above I would refer him to some applicable posts here. I would gently suggest that this blog/personality is like all others in that it is a smorgasbord (in this particular blog - a huge one) where you can take what you want, and with the guidance of a mentor/friend, perhaps what you need! And leave the rest :) I would then quote myself - lol - and say "The older I get the more people I know. The more people I know, the more I know people".
Amen! When I recently asked Peter Redford of for some advice he started his answer with: "What I would do is 1st read the biography of Ernest Shackleton to see how he got so many people to join his "hazardous journey" Thousands of people responded to his ad. And then I would....." He started with history for me to learn something ... One of the reasons Peter is a great leader .... Like you Rick and others .... Read/learn the .....
It's your human nature insight Rick that continues to have me respect you more and more each day - the domain world is a platform, Human Nature insight is an innate skill and yes I have the same opinion - Amen!!
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Mar 10, 2013
Thanks so much Rick and Danny for this opportunity! Live the initial names I'll be repping! :) although ALL the names are winners because we now have the power! Heading home from my waitressing job and will be making a matrix/whiteboard (whatever method works!) for each name and then contact brainstorm, mind map, prioritize, contact, sell, pivot, repeat - I just might know someone in the industry of some of the other sales reps names - we're a team and if some contacts pop in to my mind I'll be sure to let you know! :). That way we'll all ! :) FYI that ones for lease starting now!! Cate
Ready to climb the mountain with a passionate and striving goal Rick and Danny! Thanks so much and congrats to fellow team members! Let's get ready to rumble! :)
Rick and Danny - I know "diddly squat" about domain names even though I own "some" :) but I definitely have a willing mind :) Having done thousands of videos/interviews so far in my lifetime, as well as help others do the same, I have experienced/know the fear that "those humans" have - even if it means they won't get a job, win a contest, or what not :) I know lots of excellent sales folks who know their product inside and out, as well have passion, enthusiasm for what they do and are trusted in their industry. I totally understand where you're coming from as far as "domaines" may be concerned but just in case there are some folks out there who have e mailed you inquiries/interest who just have a gut fear of doing a video - I'd like to extend to them my help in doing a video interview w them to help overcome that - so there goes the excuse for those who really want to sell/hungry but ... On that note -
"I always said that Orville will find me" "This INDUSTRY is about to graduate" - even not knowing if the radio show I'll be doing in the near future will sponsor me or not, it this continuous thinking/vision that made me pull the trigger and register for Targeted Traffic Conference just now :) thanks Rick and Danny :)
Good Morning Rick and thanks so much for inviting/letting us in! :) I'd like a cup of black coffee please :) Puppy Trinity is only 10 mos. now and only allowed to drink water- straight up please :). I'll "Start Now with H & R Block" ! - no affiliate link :) Your writing begins with your day to day/lifetime experiences - it only magically appears here with you being a typist and welcoming us here in to your home :) Thanks for opening your house which I can truly tell is a home :)
This reminds me of the leadership skills of Ernest Schakelton who is regarded for building teams of people to work collaboratively (although back then they didn't use those words!) Would anyone here have answered this ad way back?|1;d|exSYvkIz6LNIKM: :) Currently reading "The Schackelton Way" recommended to me by another great visionary of our time :) Anyone else here read yet? :) Cate
Looking forward to hear more about the affiliate program Rick :) a natural fit for something called :) "One foot in front of the other" transparency is the best kind ! Thanks!
I so love reading your insights Rick! Earlier this week we met with our financial adviser. We have a couple of annuities and we discussed with him how wouldn't it be great if we were able to turn some of our media "assets" in to some kind of annuity ! He told me that they were "liabilities" as they are now. Thanks for sharing mutual glasses of your viision once again Rick. Patient Prioritizing is a skill that takes practice - thanks for leading the way.
Love It! .... so Ray what names are you passionate about besides this one my friend :) Happy Holidays - Cate
I'm all about - love what they are doing :)