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Wow, I can't believe they would bypass Marshall again!! Kudos if he stays in the Hammer....and as for LaPolice....we'll see if he helps the Bombers!
I have never been a fan of Marwan Hage nor Goodspeed or Gauthier...but you just can't replace a whole o-line. Secondary...why is BK Smith still playing? It was bad enough to deal with Renard Cox for almost 2 seasons...this guy just can't do the job. As for play calling Marcel was conservative/abysmal in his time as Sask OC, and Mike Gibson appears to have followed his lead. Throw the ball down the field please!!! Eventually defences catch on to all the underneath stuff......Prechae come back soon!!
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2009 on Morning post mortem at The Scratching Post
Major points that I found yesterday. I hate to single out players, but BK Smith ....I just don't think the guy has the speed to play in the league, he is always getting beat long and yeah he had an interception but the yards he was beated for was just plain awful. Second point, that offensive line was just that awful, Gauthier was paid big bucks and Goodspeed was brought in on trade with Wpg and they were rag dolled by Odell Willis....a 3 man rush beat a 5 man line....that was sad. 3rd pt, Special teams.....Johnson had a field day yesterday and really tilted the playing field after it was 14-0 and any hopes of any sort of comeback was doused with poor tackling and inept blocking on returns. 4th pt, I agree with Arland Bruce that right now Kevin Glenn gives them the best chance to win, too bad Marcel is not on the same page. 5th and final pt, Coaching, as much of a clown that Mike Kelly can be he had his team totally prepared and focused for this game, Marcel the lack of intensity and readiness lies at your feet, too many times the team comes out flat in the first half and too many games (Edmonton, Calgary Toronto is OT) should have been won but were not due to what I believe is poor coaching and play calling on your part. Thanks for getting our hopes up once again, but even a die-hard like me is starting to think Marcel is not the answer either.
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2009 on Ticats lose 38-28 at The Scratching Post
Glenn moved the ball in the 3rd quarter b/c the defence hemmed the Riders in and Boreham couldn't kick the ball. 2 field goals and a circus catch by Bruce was what they got in the 3rd quarter and one late drive in the 4th which they turned over on downs. Glenn played better than Porter, but I would not annoint him the starter yet...12-27 for 183 doesn't exactly instill confidence. I really am starting to question Mike Gibson's the ball the 1st 6 games and in poor weather conditions like Sunday...6 carries total.....and here's a hint....defences are starting to crowd up so those crossing routes aren't there anymore....maybe stretch the field..hint hint.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2009 on Ticat comeback falls short at The Scratching Post
I was at Mosaic on Sunday and froze in the rain, cold and wind. Had the Offence done ANYTHING in the first half to keep the defence off the field I think it might have been a different story. The TOP was 30-15 in favor of the riders after 3 quarters and yet 2 minutes into the 4th the score was I give kudos to the defence. I still think Porter is the guy to lead this team. Conditions were terrible and both he and Glenn had problems I think gripping and throwing the ball in the 2nd and 4th quarters. I am assuming it's a ratio thing that Auggie Barrenchea was playing LB yesterday? I was hoping to see Otis, Jamal and Markeith together but that didn't appear to happen. We had some tough breaks as well...Clermont's fumble recovered by the riders lead to a touchdown, Durant's fumble on a long run recovered by a OL (Parenteau) and an obvious holding call on Rob Bagg missed on Dressler's end around had we gotten some of those bounces, despite the horrifice 1st half production on offence, we had a chance to win....and unlike many ticat seasons soon as the opening kickoff happened the game was yeah we lost....but we came back....and if not for a poor start I think could have won the game and shut the watermelon wearing people of Mosaic Stadium up. Still not sold on BK Smith btw.....a little too slow of the start if you ask me....and the O-line could have played better as well..Chick blew by Gauthier a handful of times....shape up.
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2009 on Ticat comeback falls short at The Scratching Post
Wow...someone more negative then me....I was at Mosaic Stadium and watched an inept Rider squad beat BC. If BC doesn't discover Geroy Simon and Paris Jackson we have a chance. Their o-line is worse than ours and getting 4 sacks on KJ last week means that there is some hope. However, if we do get down early, we will be done...yet again....only thing is....I think Winnipeg is just as bad or maybe worse than us. I say Lions 32- Ticats 22
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2009 on Game Day reading and viewing at The Scratching Post
How about some comments on that terrible defence....or the selfish, stupid penalties....especially the one in the 1st quarter which kept an Argo drive alive and led to the first touchdown and swung the mommentum around.....same thing as last year....brutal defence and no discipline. Better hope BC lost a step or it will be worse next week. As for Porter....line has to be better to open some holes for hte RB so he is not running for his life like he was last night. He will be ok....and he did throw TWO touchdown passes....which I don't think we had until....what game 5 last year??
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2009 on Bellefeuille post-game at The Scratching Post