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I just put Anne Lamont's "Operating Instructions" in a baby shower gift basket I made for a friend- sooo good- I am a big Anne Lamont fan- not a Christian, but she is like the hippy version of it and I respect that. Bird by Bird is still one of my faves by her. I taught my son how to tie his shoes by a lacing book, taught him how to read by Dr. Suess and multiple voices I adopted in sing song reading to him every night, and also phonetic books (my mom was a Montessori teacher) , I am so jealous of where you are with your boy- well, not jealous, more whistful I guess, mine is 17 but will always be my baby and I so desire just one more- only Amma knows and can bless me with that I guess and I still Mother my son even though he cringes when I do. If you ever need a babysitter let me know! Hugs and new Mama love to you Katie!
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2010 on New Mama Monday-the list part 2 at The Max Factor
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Aug 25, 2010