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Catherine Hiltz
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Thank you very much.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2008 on New Administrator at LeaderTalk
I think the best way to go is laptops for everyone. I had to create a technology plan for one of my grad classes last spring, and I felt very strongly in easy accesss, not just accessibility, but easy access. I purchased my own laptop about two years ago, and it's been the best investment. It is light and I take it everywhere. Time is a real issue and it is often the one that is insurmountable. My tech plan included wireless classroom laptops on moveable carts, and laptops for each teacher. Each teacher had to pay a portion of the laptop; I think it was $200.00, non-refundable, and if the teacher stayed with the school division for three years, the laptop became the teacher's property. This may help the fear factor, because teachers may feel far more ownership in learning to utilize the tech. Our school division purchased laptops for our administrators. I think I have only taken it out of my office twice, because it is much larger and heavier compared with my own. The type and size might also be a thought worth considering.