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her mind
I make what I like, jewelry, mixed media art, ceramic art and digital art!
Interests: I am a goldsmith and make jewelry from metal - my favorite is silver - and I also sculpt from precious metal clay. I started out as a potter, making bowls, teapots and round boxes. With the growth of the internet, I got interested in the computer and Photoshop and added on bookmaking and journals and mixed media art. I learned to knit for fun. I have a huge rubber stamp collection. I'm also interested in polaroid photography, image manipulation and transfers. I've got a series of polaroid cameras, lomography cameras, and have taken thousands of digital photos. I like to make ATC's and artist stamps too and have been learning mixed media painting and collage techniques for about 7 years. I am having so much fun! . . . And now it's 2011 and I am still at it!
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Good story but disappointing that you had to go through that. What an ignorant and rude person that was and how they misused their power for no good reason that I can see. But I understand why you quit. I once took a graphic art class at a reputable art school when I was 20 years old and the instructor critiqued the homework early in the semester and there was a student whose work he raved about and to me it looked so plain and uninteresting and then when he saw mine, all colorful and kind of wild, he hardly said anything and I decided that it wasn't the place for me and I immediately dropped the class and never went back. You would have had to have been there to really get it but maybe you understand what I'm saying. Then I never went to art school either. I came back to art later in life at around 40 years old when I was called to it. I especially like the last two drawings here and I've seen good artists draw like that. Cheers Ulla, Catherine
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You are all so great! Thanks for being my friends! xoxoxoxo!
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Sep 8, 2012
Sometimes the visibility IS worth it. You have to decide on a case by case basis. If I publish I have already decided that my great idea is being sent out into the world and it's no longer mine to hoard. I say choose wisely but do it. It can be worth the expense. Not sending the idea out can mean you are afraid that your good idea will be lost to you and that there's a shortage of good ideas. I think there are enough good ideas to go around and that the attitude that your best idea is still ahead of you, rather than behind you is freeing and a sign of an open mind. It takes trust in yourself. Catherine Witherell
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It's so pretty and soft and the shapes are nice and balanced. It looks like old material that has been used and broken in. Makes me think it's very soft and I'd like to touch it.
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Apr 19, 2011
Louise! You can join any time (someone just did yesterday) and even if you dont join, you can view and comment and learn as the photos get posted. YOU can do it however you want. Make your own excuse! Catherine
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Feb 9, 2011
Good points duly noted! Thank you Harriete.
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Hello Richelle, Thanks for writing and nice to meet you. Funny? Charming? Thank you again! Why a frustrated metalsmith? I am curious. Catherine
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Ooops! I meant that message for lostaussie! It's such a beautiful image but I made a mistake and thought this was her blog.
It does! Pretty soon I hope everyone comes to give YOU a smooch. I want to be the first one. X Catherine
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Sep 30, 2010
You are so fortunate to have these great friends Maija! Happy Birthday! I love your little doggie! XOXO Catherine
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Sheesh! That's a lot to factor in! Thanks for the post. Catherine Witherell
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Apr 28, 2010
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Apr 20, 2010