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Since I've only made it to two out of the seven already held (despite having registered and paid for a third, I had to pull out at the last moment in 2010) I understand what it's like to have to experience it vicariously, from afar, primarily by means of the very social media that lies at the bedrock of BlogHer. It is tough to miss. And you, Jory, were a significant part of my two BlogHer experiences - it is... strange... to think of a BlogHet conference without you. It seems to me, though, that BlogHert itself is an organism, a life force, every bit as vital as the precious life growing inside you. Just as, one day, she'll want to do sone things without you, maybe this is a sign of healthy growth - the BlogHet conference CAN succeed without you, on this occasion, precisely BECAUSE of the skilled parenting you (along with all the others in the team) have lavished upon it, since conception. You will be missed - you will be back - and this is healthy, and good, in my opinion. All the best to you and your family for your impending familial augmentation! :)
Will the Discardia book be released as an eBook? Because I'm discarding all my dead-tree-media, and won't buy any more... /here's hoping...
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2011 on Introduction to Discardia at Discardia
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Sep 7, 2011