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Excellent idea, but next one should have blood type as well - won't tell you why. Do dogs wear dog tags? They should have them on their little Dogly Ogly shoes, or boots.
I always wondered why celebrity pregnancies were so important. Still don't get it. Nor for Political ambitions or calamities. If you're getting messages from Higher Entities, I'd like to see a little bit more on earth survival and what we can do about it.
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2008 on Better Than Sylvia at Skeptico
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It is better to be with the children. They should not be separated from the adults or given some candy-coated substitute. Otherwise, when they grow up and abandon the Santa Claus myth, they'll just throw eveything else out, including Christian beliefs. They too often live in their own world, inhabited just by their peers. The adults have little concept what's going on in their minds. Once they have spiritual questions, they often trek out on their own and get caught in one of the many cult traps. Let them get used to the idea, that when they have questions, they can ask an adult, and if the adult doesn't know, he/she can ask their pastor.
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