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Very helpful and spot on. It evoked my own musing, which was too long for a blog response: The “Dead” Emerging Church – an Elvis sighting!
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re: Manhattan Declaration, here's how I resolved my own ambivalence: The Manhattan Declaration – yes & no
My Jesuit spiritual director, many years ago now, first introduced me to the thought of Johann Baptist Metz. While, in an inchoate manner, I had already employed concepts like interruption, memory and suffering theologically, Metz awakened in me the realization that these are private, personal realities only because they are first social communal realities. Further, the community referenced must be broadly and inclusively conceived as humankind, which is to recognize that 1) we only invoke because we have been convoked 2) I have been interrupted because WE have been interrupted 3) all suffering is OUR suffering and 4) our memory realizes our radical solidarity. Interruption, suffering and memory will inevitably fashion our spirituality and give normative & evaluative impetus to our political responses, for better or for worse. If misconceived as a personal reality only, it leads to narcissism. Even if properly considered as also social but still too narrowly conceived, it leads to institutionalism, nationalism, jingoism and all manner of insidious -isms (and war). Authentic emergence thus properly conceives these realities and engages these realities in a radically inclusive way that transcends all exclusivistic ecclesiocentrisms. We need not bracket our Christocentric stance but we should be willing to translate it, in interreligious dialogue, into a more broadly conceived pneumatocentric vision, which affirms the efficacies of the Spirit wherever and in whomever they are realized.
Andrew, I agree that neither the emergence nor the convergence dynamics are novel. The emergence re: ongoing self-critical, self-correcting, prophetic elements w/in Roman Catholicism. The convergence re: interdenominational and interreligious dialogue and collaboration. I hope to engage your reflections in some depth, soon, but thanks to you, Mike and other kindred spirits in the cybersphere, it looks like our networking attempts are spreading like an out-of-control viral meme and about to blossom, thus happily preoccupying me with administrative tasks at Cathlimergent: Cathlimergent Mike is right about Carl McColman. I will one day sit down and list the superlatives that describe his ministry and personhood. It is a task I have too long neglected.
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Nov 25, 2009