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San Francisco
Besides practicality, humor goes along way with spirituality.
Interests: music, dancing, animals, my horse, reading, reading., laughter, expanding my consciousness in relationship to peace, joy and love. discovery of simple enjoyments. people-to learn from and share life experiences with. nature everyday walks
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Fantastic story! I truly love the photos from top to bottom. Your father's mother, that smile! and what a beautiful image of her and your father on a most handsome horse. Wow! Yes, if you're going to be a horsewoman you WILL eventually get kicked, thrown, stepped on, knocked down and nipped on occasion. It's all part of it. Thank you so much for sharing this story. Love, Auntie.
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So very beautiful and touching. First photo: I am an adventure I hear Aila say. The cuteness of the big ears one, I smiled. By the third I wanted to crawl onto the covering with her and curl up to sleep by her perfect side. I almost cried with the connection between you two as she completely gives herself over to your divine care. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to meeting my new niece soon. Blessings and joy, Auntie June
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Good for you! You plugged head-on with so many painful changes and we, your faithful readers, benefited from the journey - the pain and the wonderful joys and openings of life! Your garden, your puppy, your princess and the #1, and other princess. You are an inspiration. Blessed be. P.S. A huge congratulations!
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You're so innovative and fun! Thanks and to you , love and laughter.
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I attest that Jules' life has changed in many very big ways and softer subtle ones. Losing weight and exercising is not only about a body image, it's truly about self-love and care, whatever that weight or body shape is and/or will become. Caring for self brings one closer to one's "true face" and that's what I've seen for you, Jules. You've inspired me to do as you are doing. A huge hug and love. http:/
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Jules, good sunny morning to you. It can change my mood but mostly, no. I accept whatever the weather is UNLESS it's windy. I"m not big on wind, especially high winds. I can dress accordingly (or not dress) for heat, cold, rain but wind? Ha! I love walking in the rain and fog - do mention in California especially San Francisco, my hometown, the fog. I like a brisk cold day too. Good blog, Jules!
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Agree w/both of you. I've learned that also, hormones, medicine, even home medicines. Definitely emotional, all this adds up, so to speak. But I too have gained three pounds, up and down and know exactly why - my eating of foods that settled nicely around the middle. Proper fuel is clogging up the fat cells who gladly grab and store it. So, in a way I think the math does add up. It's practical for results (unless a medical issue is at hand.)
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By the by, wonderful time was had cruisin' with you. Yes, cruising is cool, organic and all that, but also having an idea of where you are going helps one to pack the right lunch. I am not so much a worrier. I'm usually quite optimistic, but then when I stress I get very serious and out of sorts thus not caring for myself, physically - eating unhealthy, mentally, and spiritually, not spending time meditating. I've learned to recognized and then deal with my off course trips, with understanding that I am off course and seek to get back on as quickly as I can.
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Happy Fantastic New Birth Year. - an eight year - bringing Heaven and Earth together, wrapped, sealed and delivered. Love, June
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2011 on My Big 5 0 - Virtual B-day Card at WDSlimdown
Thank you for the vote of confidence. I'll keep the thought today. Being different wasn't what I thought I was/am as I move through life. I learned this from others, that I what I wanted, thought and did was a bit different. I continue(d) and somewhere along the line, find support as it keeps supports my differences as a good aspect of self. Then again, opposition to my differences helps me move along projects with a keener eye.
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You are an incredible woman to forgive as you have, to do as you say to others. Thank you, Jules and sympathies to you and yours blessed be.
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2011 on Food Grief, Charlie Brown at WDSlimdown
As so many of my teachers (gurus) as Louise Hay have said: One must love her/his self first to love others. Gaining love is for self also, and as you asked above, about discipline. I learned to understand that discipline was love albeit appearing "mean" at times, to move one to rewards. Discipline is patient, wise and without judgment. Now I rationalize with myself why it is best not to "feed my impulse or food addictions. I'm setting up daily talking lovingly to myself with an eye on the gold.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2011 on Changes Between My Ears at WDSlimdown
I am a bit competitive and usually more to myself. I like to see if I can get beyond my own limitations rather than "beat" someone else at something. That doesn't feel good for me although I do like winning at some games as long as I win at times, you win at that...but weight... every time I say I'm going to loose a certain amount, I begin to add pounds; like my body doesn't want to let go. Every time I "watch" what I am eating and enjoying eating healthier, I take pounds off so, but I'm willing to do this for a few months and see what comes of it.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2011 on Are you Competitive? at WDSlimdown
Yeah!!! It is in the clothes, isn't it? What our body is doing, that is. Wow! I love what you posted about the foods and growing portions. The other day I ordered a grilled tuna and it was HUGE even for me who loves to eat. but, I finished everything on my plate - ugh - I'm going to keep the images and calories above in my mind as I eat. And, go back to using smaller plates. That also works. Good, very good article, Jules to set the New Year in a clear focus.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2011 on Size Does Matter at WDSlimdown
Good for you to take care of your needs and I think, focus on yourself, means first or as important as others' needs. Every time I make others more important than caring for myself I notice I become irritable and impatient so I'm not too nice a helper anyway. After reading your article, I realize it's time to jump back into the walking and swimming NOW. : ) thanks.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2010 on Preparing for the New Year at WDSlimdown
A believer as you and those above for I know that magic begins in the mind and this includes body image ~ Bring it on Santa!
expect the that the saying? Well it is with your day. Sorry to hear. Life, like the scale, goes up and down. Part of life, isn't it?
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2010 on Change in Plans at WDSlimdown
I make time for friends whereas during the year I'm too busy for a cuppa or a get-together laugh time. I'll see what I can do about this and have the wee mouse remind me to nimble away at my overly busy schedule. Merry Christmas to you, all lights a glow and bells resounding. Blessed be.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2010 on Whispers from the Christmas Mouse at WDSlimdown
Too many to write of. Now, I take life in stride much more, knowing that is how goals are especially with target dates. Dust off your clothes and get back on track, is what I know brings results and not give up and screw up with steps to forward my valuable goals. Balancing act is what I learned. Still, there is a sense of loss and disappointment, isn't there?
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2010 on What Did You Expect at WDSlimdown
Although I know you, I now know more about you. thank you. I am - so many things - true to my Gemini nature. I am well loved and love well - family, husband, son, numerous sisters and two brothers, & the whole tribe including friends. I have a most fantastic and interesting job: nearing 40 years as a psychic reader for people across US & parts of the world. A Life Coach to the "Stars" as I call them. My other feather in the cap, an author to two books that actually sell! Ha! A lover of animals and nature, with a bent toward helping those who aren't cared for properly. I live in a beautiful City, San Francisco & also by the ocean, a great love of mine. And, I love to laugh, and more laugh. Blessed be.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2010 on Girl Talk at WDSlimdown
Winning Circle! Big Puppy jumped into yours because you inspired him as you do so many of us, to keep focused and continue to a win!
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2010 on Date Night at WDSlimdown
Funny you should ask as I'm going through that having to move out of an office space I had for 31years. What to let go of? One thing I did notice that was on moving day I ate and ate and ate from the anxiety of the move and the fear of the future. I let go and let God is my motto right now. Faith. P.S. One of the first things I noticed about you after your pretty face was how put "together" you were (and are) and not your size, by the way. You brought that up.Could you let go of reminding people?
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2010 on Perfect Outfit at WDSlimdown
Agree w/Favorite Child and Jody and everyone in between - body readjusting and also, maybe water retention - new meds? or food with salt/sodium? Plus what are you "holidng" onto emotionally at this time? One way or another I continue to find you inspirational and remain your fan.
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2010 on Big Girl Black Friday at WDSlimdown
This is a most difficult holiday time as I'm in grief, but my sister who passed, made a big deal of Thanksgiving as a family sharing time. Long ago (in my 20's) I freed myself from that family only tradition and went to friends' houses (too much drama drinking in mine). Now I'm willing to give my time back to family and forgive many infractions pus there's way less drinking. Thankful for change and insight and love. Amen.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2010 on Traditions at WDSlimdown
I love to walk and on the beach when I can. Even if my fun includes others - a sure let's eat and drink time - I ask them to either walk with me or come to my horse and help muck and then walk w/her. I've found that I am willing to have new friends in life on my same trail of health so if food is involved, it becomes a simple healthier fare. Musica - listen while I write my next novel or screenplay (both which take great focus) and forget about eating. My humble thoughts.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2010 on That's it! I don't care anymore! at WDSlimdown