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These books are a hit in my classroom as well. Many great titles! My Buddy, Slug and Lazy Jack are two books I'm going to have to add to my list. Cathy
Tony, I'm amazed I'm going to be able to comment. For some reason I always have such a time commenting on your blog. (My husband, Jeff, loved your March Madness book brackets. He borrowed that idea.) This is a great post, Tony. We have started using CCSS (and the state's model curriculum) this year. It has been hard to learn so many new curriculums at one time. My head is still spinning. I love your "uncommon core". I think there are some things we don't won't to lose in our quest for consistency. I'm still jury out on the CCSS. It seems to have its strengths and those areas I wonder about. We had gotten so used to the old standards I think we'd discovered what good instruction looked like within them. We'll have to do that same hard work now. Cathy
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Tony, Now you are hooked! I started attending NCTE about six or seven years ago. Jeff and I have only missed one since then ($$$ can be a factor). Like you, I enjoy getting to see people I don't get to see enough, hearing voices from outside my local environment, and spending time with people incredibly passionate about what they do. Looking forward to hanging out and learning in Las Vegas. Thanks, Tony. Cathy
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Tony, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that wonders about these things. Sometimes I'm not sure the best way to make a difference. My two Twitter identities are a perfect example. My @PublicEd4Kids posts concerns about the future of public education as politicians decide to play with the futures of our children (and our country). I follow a lot of people who stay informed about public education on this account. I find I cannot read posts on that account late at night or I will never go to sleep. I had hoped the account would be a balance of public ed information AND stories about all that is going on in public ed classrooms across the country. My other account reflects conversations of literacy, learning, and positive work in schools (hopefully, most of them public). Which groups make a bigger difference? I think it's important to know what is happening to public ed politically and am continually surprised by the number in our profession that are completely uninformed. However, I feel like the group of people working positively within are the ones really making a difference. I suppose for the "greater good" it is better to keep working to change things within a system. However, I'm wondering about that even as I type this. I really enjoyed this post, Tony. So many interesting things to ponder. If you solve the "reader dilemma," please forward your solution. I'm continually amazed by the amount of smart thinking shared on the internet. If only I could keep up with it all. Cathy
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Tony, I, for one, am glad to hear your compass has been redirected due North again. I remember reading your first post on this blog and thinking maybe a group of us should come find you for an intervention. It is hard not to get caught up in the world of testing and the "Race to the Top". However, I've been in your classroom and know the wonderful work you do with readers. I'm really not sure that testing really measures what we value anyway. (OK, I'm positive it doesn't. That's my soapbox - one of them - at @PublicEd4kids.) I think we all have our barriers to being authentic. I think in primary grades it is the expectation that if we don't have kids in guided reading groups we surely cannot be teaching them anything. Your call to make us all organic is a ship I'm ready to jump aboard. I'm thinking anything labeled organic costs more, and is therefore much better, so that should make it a sought after practice. Now that I've seen your inspirational picture --- and Karen's --- I'm going to have to come up with the picture to symbolize my journey for this year. You'll be the first to know when I decide on the perfect picture. Tony, I've really enjoyed reading your posts. I'm so glad we forced you into joining us. Cathy
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Tony, I am joining the chorus of followers requesting the Evernote post. I like the idea of being able to record, capture images, tag, and sort student information, but I wonder if I will quickly be able to view my notes from previous conversations quickly. I really like being able to connect conversations over time. Laughed over the Ramones. Hilarious image of you shouting lyrics in a dorm hall. I suppose my closest brush with punk music was The Clash, Adam Ant in the 80s...the dawn of the punk music revolution. LOL. Picture me shouting lyrics of Adam Ant's music from the balcony at the Palace. Scary, huh. Cathy
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Tony, I learned to "bully" from some of the best. Now that I know your weakness --- and that peer pressure works ---- I will continue my relentless quest to hear more from you. I have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your writing. Honestly, it really doesn't matter what you write about (no insult intended). You have such voice and, of course, I always find myself laughing here and there along the way. Having been in your classroom, and knowing you for so long, I know Reader's Workshop is a nonnegotiable for you. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts about conferring in the weeks to come. (Yes, that is a shameless attempt to bully you into continuing to participate.) Cathy
Tony, Looking following #insideallwrite for the real story. Cathy
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Dec 13, 2010
Tony, Your line "I am truly afraid of failing the people I care about most" was a powerful line. I think we're all a little afraid of that. However, I'm not sure we can really fail those we care most about as they truly care for us too. It is a shame that education has become a place for fear as I doubt it really makes any of us the best we can be. This post was an enjoyable read. I can always hear you talking when I read your writing. This post had me laughing one minute, reflecting the next, and empathizing the next. I think the new title is perfect. I think I'll really like it when I learn to say it intelligently. Cathy
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Dec 13, 2010