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Cathy Miller
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Totally agree, Lynn. Besides, that's so 90s. :-)
Hi Lynn: I am a huge fan of LinkedIn, but have seen a change since joining. More and more people are attempting to use it like they would other types of social media, e.g., building huge number of followers, blasting you with self-serving links to their products or services. I hope the professional networking platform doesn't go by the wayside as it continues to grow. While I think I'm a bit more accepting of certain communications through LinkedIn, I totally agree that a person asking to connect should offer you something other than the standard, pre-populated invitation, especially when you don't know the person. Thank you for your perspective on LinkedIn.
The theme behind my blog is “Keep it simple, clear & uniquely yours.” The gracious Guatemalans would receive major gold stars. Another thing it shows is respect. You showed respect in using their language (not like some who think the whole world should speak English for them). The Guatemalans showed you respect by adjusting their speech to make sure you understood them and that you were not embarrassed. Thanks for another thought=provoking post, Lynn! And welcome home.
As a Baby Boomer, I totally relate to the problem with Blackberrys and cell phones in general. Another suggestion for businesses when it comes to web writing (blogs, website, etc.), use a larger font! So much of the web content is so tiny! It is very difficult to read. I routinely keep my monitor screen for the Internet at 125%. I can zoom in on my Blackberry, but it is a pain. The baby boomers market is a huge marketing opportunity that smart businesses should think about in their business communication.
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Jun 8, 2010