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Dave Catleugh
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They were right to introduce the ban, and hopefully it will be repeated throughout Europe. Such a ban would be very popular in the UK.
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2010 on France shouldn't ban burqas at Steve Chapman
The EDL are a very young organisation, they were only formed last year after a group of fundamental Islamists attended the homecoming of some of our troops, waving placards such as "Anglian Soldiers:Criminals, Murderers, terrorists", and "Anglian Soldier:Butchers of Basra". They have had trouble makers attend some of their demos, but they are starting to get on top of that now, with some very effective stewarding. UAF, and their Commie friends follow them around to every protest they make, and have called them among other things, anti-Semitic (they actually support Israel, and have Jewish members), Homophobic (they have Gay members), and racist (they have Black, and Asian members, and speakers).
"... rather than by assessing the role of mosques in Islam, which perhaps should have been part of their deliberations ...". Unfortunately, I don't think that local government is allowed to take the impending islamification of our country into account, when considering planning permission.
Well done to the EDL. Weyman Bennet arrested and charged, and Martin Smith arrested. A lot of reports haven't even mentioned this fact. Well done to the police as well, they handled a potentially explosive situation very professionally. They would have had a much easier job though, if the EDL had been left alone to hold a peaceful demo.
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Mar 21, 2010